Inside the Closet of a Sneakerhead Who Makes Asics Look as Cool as Yeezys

Copenhagen native Veneda Budny has a soft spot for Mercedes Benz and has been collecting sneakers since she was 14. Los Angeles.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Tristan Kallas

It’s not uncommon for Cov closet talent to be recommended to us by friends (which we’re eternally grateful for), and such was the case with Veneda Budny. We were told to check her page out, and while one scroll through her IG definitely let us know that she’s a cool chick and most likely a future girl crush (confirmed once we met her in real life), we never would have guessed the magnitude of her sneaker collection or the amazingness inside of her half-designer, half-surplus-filled wardrobe. S/o to our good friend for that tip.

A Copenhagen native, Budny is a creative and model whose early work in front of the camera took her all around the world before she settled in her current location: Los Angeles. While she’s been collecting sneakers since the age of 14, when we pulled up to her West Hollywood apartment (complete with terracotta floor tiles and the most amazing two-floor patio), she admitted to selling (for charity) and giving away (to Mom and friends) almost half of her collection before heading west. Understandable, considering she still had two large shelves stacked full of Asics, Yeezy, New Balance, CHANEL, and more, while others spilled out onto the floor in front. And into her bedroom. And at the front door.

As for Budny’s closet, it was somewhat of a Mary Poppins bag, except instead of household items and medicine, out came mass amounts of army pants, Yeezy pants and jackets, Prada nylon coats, Uniqlo vests, Dickies jumpsuits, and Levi’s raw denim jackets. She pretty much owns everything that we’ve ever dreamt of pulling off. Safe to say we’re turning to the creative for our style inspiration for now until, well, forever.

Click through the below gallery to see all the goods and read about how Budny got her start, why she’s taken a break from modeling, and why she’s obsessed with Mercedes Benz.


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