The Stylist Responsible for All Those Céline Dion Outfits

Law Roach calls Zendaya his fashion soul mate and wishes everyone in the world could meet Céline Dion. Los Angeles.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Stephanie Mark
Photography: Nikko LaMere

“Where do we even begin?” was the thought running through our minds as we sat down to chat with celebrity stylist Law Roach. We had so many questions! Like how did you take Cov-alum Zendaya from a Disney star to a total badass woman in the blink of an eye? What is it like working with Céline Dion? How did you meet Céline? *Fill in the blank here*, Céline? Oh, and not to mention: Please tell us everything about *that* incredible hair from America’s Next Top Model. The list goes on.

Luckily for us, chatting with Roach was a total walk in the park—we honestly can’t think of anyone sweeter. The America’s Next Top Model judge was so incredibly humble as he walked us through his career path from when he opened his own Chicago-based vintage store in 2009, all the way to when Céline was quoted from an interview explaining how her relationship with the stylist and their time in Paris together with all the amazing outfits, glamour, and shows had helped her with the grieving of her husband (more on that later). It became very clear very quickly why those who know Roach speak so highly of him.

The stylist, known to those on IG as Luxury Law and to others in the industry as an image architect, has been the brains behind many iconic moments over the years (he was the one responsible for the iconic moment when Céline Dion walked out of her hotel wearing the Vetements Titantic sweater and Zendaya’s incredible 2017 Met Gala moment), and if we’re being honest, his closet was just as memorable as those moments. From Balenciaga to Givenchy to Saint Laurent to Moschino, every piece we pulled out was just as fabulous as the last. Don’t believe us? Click through the gallery below to see it all for yourselves and at the same time read about the one Met Gala moment he will never forget, why he and Zendaya call each other their fashion soul mates, and how he came to meet Céline.



Hair styled by Jermani Mion of Mastermind MGT.