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Gal Gadot’s Secret to Being Wonder Woman IRL

It isn’t about being invincible in every situation.

This morning, Reebok announced they’ve teamed up with Gal Gadot to push forward the brands initiative to motivate women and youth to become the best versions of themselves through fitness. And they’re not just speaking from a physical standpoint: “Gadot and Reebok will work together to inspire women and future generations to discover and embrace fitness as a means to become the best version of themselves physically, mentally, and socially.”

We asked Wonder Woman how she manages to stay strong in all three of these aspects. “We live in an era where women are now wearing many different hats,” the new Reebok ambassador tells us. “We are mothers, we have careers. We have to take good care of ourselves, and that takes time, energy, strength. There is no right formula, and everybody goes through phases. As a general rule, I surround myself with people I love. I try to do things I enjoy and [that] make me feel better mentally. I spend time with my family, spend time with my friends, and I always try to find some me time.”


Photo: Collier Schorr


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