sephora best selling foundation

Sephora’s Best-Selling Foundation Is Finally Restocked

The full-coverage formula comes in 30 shades.

By: The Zoe Report

“The older I get, the less makeup I wear. I still love the ritual of applying it, but I’ve opted for a more natural look over the past few years. I used to go all out on a daily basis—we’re talking full-coverage foundation, concealer, highlighter, the whole nine. I liked my skin to look flawless (in a makeup-veiled sort of way) for any activity—work, school, you name it. These days, I tend to wear that face only when I’m going out, which isn’t all that often, so basically I live in sheer foundations and BB creams. But! That doesn’t mean I don’t still appreciate a high-coverage foundation. So I had to give the new highest high-coverage option that’s selling like crazy at Sephora (the number-two best-selling foundation online) a shot.”

Head over to The Zoe Report to find out which cult-favorite foundation is about to sell out.


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