Getting Ready
bozoma saint john oscars 2018

The Oscars’ Most Standout Look Wasn’t Worn by an Actress

“The dress makes me feel like the unicorn that I know I am.”

By: Jodi Taylor

We have so many things to say about Bozoma Saint John’s magical Oscars after-party that we don’t even know where to start. Uber’s chief officer, who is also known as Boz, stepped into Vanity Fair’s official after-party looking like the true queen she is in a floor-length rainbow-colored gown by Rosie Assoulin, sought out by her friend and stylist, Negar Ali Kline. And the dress wasn’t the only jaw-dropping part of the look; Saint John wore her hair in a gorgeous afro with cornrows, hit us with some bold, glow-y makeup (hi, blue eyeshadow!), and rocked chunky jewelry and her nail art. Hats off to Kline for finishing off the look with sparkly gold heels and a Rubik’s Cube clutch (Judith Leiber, of course). We bet money on the fact that Saint John is, at this very moment, the belle of the ball at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. More details on her look ahead. 


Bozoma Saint John: “I will be viewing the show with Mercedes Benz at the Four Seasons and then going to [the] Vanity Fair after-party. My relationship with Vanity Fair started at Apple, and I launched some activations with them, so I knew this year I had to be there.”

BSJ: “[The atmosphere while I get ready] is very much how I work; I like activity around me, and I need music playing always—’90s R&B, trap, or gospel—whatever it is, there’s gotta be activity!”

BSJ: “I’m looking forward to the award show. I love the pageantry of it, and I want to see what everyone is wearing. I will root for my favorites like Mary J. Blige and Common! I am really looking forward to the after-party—I can’t wait to dance in my dress.”

Negar Ali Kline: “[Bozoma] is an extremely powerful woman. In her industry she is the top of her field, and she has very few people challenging her, but I am in the unique position to be able to veto things. It is truly a collaboration [when we work together]. I always see things through the Boz filter.”

NAK: “We all got goose bumps when she put [this dress] on, and that was the indication that it should be the dress. Personally, I am a big fan of Rosie because she doesn’t follow trends; she is forging her own path. Everything she does has a magical quality which aligns with what Boz wants. She wants special pieces, so Rosie was an obvious choice.”

NAK: “We do marathon fittings because she has so much going on. She will give me one hour. In two hours we did 17 looks because she is so busy!”

NAK: “We wanted the Cartier panther [ring to be part of the look]. This collection has always been a favorite, and I just felt that Boz and the collection are a perfect fit.”

BSJ: “What I love most about Negar is that she is really intuitive. I don’t think my style is easy, but she really listens and is able to shape-shift and pick things that push me. She knows the kind of style I like, the colors I like, and the shape that I like, to make me put something on that I might not usually choose.”

BSJ: “[The whole look] together is just magical. The dress makes me feel like the unicorn that I know I am, and the bag complements that. If I was reincarnated as a bag, I would come back as this bag. And the jewels!”

NAK: “I would never want to push something on a client; I believe your clothing is your armor. When you feel confident in what you are wearing, it gives you that extra confidence.”

NAK: “We met on an Apple commercial that Boz was in. It was on my birthday, and she was so fun to style. We fell in love instantly. It was serendipitous.”

BSJ: “[I’m excited to meet] Ruth Carter. She designed all of the costumes in Black Panther!”

BSJ: “I get a little nervous [for red carpets] because I want to make sure I’m showing off the look, and you only get one shot. I usually end up dancing on the carpet to loosen up my nerves and make the photographers laugh.”