Getting Ready
betty gabriel oscars 2018

You’ll Want to Zoom In on This Get Out Star’s Oscars Dress

We got up close and personal with Betty Gabriel’s plunging, floral look as she got ready for the awards show.

By: Samantha Sutton
Photography: Emily Knecht

When Get Out’s Betty Gabriel stepped onto the Oscars red carpet, we have no doubt that jaws around the world dropped (ours certainly did). That plunging neckline! Those floral decals! Her hair! Her makeup! Her confidence! The sexy-meets-regal look was quite the contrast from the the maid we saw on screen in the history-making movie, and luckily we had the chance to see how it all came together. Ahead of the show, Gabriel had us over as she got ready and, along with her stylist Sonia Young, answered a few fashion- and film-related questions we had on our minds.

Whether she’s nervous for the Oscars: “I mean, not yet, but I’m sure I will be when I arrive to the carpet.”

“I am wearing a Tony Ward Couture gown tonight because I feel like a goddess in It. It has pockets—what more do you need in a gown? I really wanted to wear a proper gown to my first Oscars ceremony."

"There were about 20 options, but as a stylist, you realize that the Oscars is wild, wild West. Dresses need to be exchanged and transferred constantly, but we knew all along that the Tony Ward dress was the one." — Sonia Young

“I always love a bold lip but like to keep it pretty natural [makeup-wise]. My biggest beauty dare would be doing it on myself, or the time I did a black cherry lip, and I loved it.”

“[For my hair], I wanted to focus on natural textures and mix in traditional, elegant glam. I’m wearing it pulled off my face with a lot of texture because I wanted to feel comfortable, confident, and chic.”

The music she’s listening to while getting ready: "Today we are listening to a Chance the Rapper playlist."

"The color really popped in comparison to other dresses we had at the fitting. I knew it would be a standout at the Oscars red carpet, being that it isn’t usually in the repertoire of Oscar gowns."—S.Y.

“I actually got a degree in science because I wanted to be a veterinarian. When I was in college, I started taking dance classes for the first time, and I wanted to take more and more classes and be a part of that world.”

“I would describe my style as a natural tomboy. I always like to wear hiking boots because you never know when you’re going to find an adventure. In my everyday life I gravitate towards a classic t-shirt and jeans with a good boot.”

"We used Stefere [jewelry] because it is really whimsical, and we always love to have a whimsical touch. She wore a stardust diamond ear climber and a floral ring to bring out her inner goddess. The diamonds really tied the look together."—S.Y.

Whether she’s gotten starstruck this awards season: “Absolutely—when I met Angela Bassett. She is a true Queen Mother in real life.”

“Even though she didn’t know who I was when I introduced myself, I was so excited to meet Whoopi Goldberg, but when I told her she gave me so much shine. That was pretty amazing because I have loved her my whole life. I already met Tom Hanks, so I am good.”

“I knew I was part of something special when I worked on [Get Out] but didn’t realize how big it would be. Once I saw the final cut, I knew it would blow the roof off the Dolby Theatre. It addresses something very pervasive in our society, it is extremely entertaining at the same time, and is freaking amazing!”

On being able to look calm and scared at the same time: “I have a special way of cultivating all of my characters. I took special time with this one, but my process will have to remain a mystery...”

“My mom is extremely proud, of course, and not suggesting that I get a government job anymore.”

What she’s snacking on pre-show: “Tacos and guac! I’m trying to stay hydrated.”

What she’s doing post-show: “Win or lose, I plan on celebrating the same with my Get Out family.”

On appearing on season two of Westworld and the other projects she has coming up: “I get to carry around a really big gun, and you’ll have to tune in to see the rest. I also start work on Counterpart with JK Simmons soon. I am super excited about that, and I get to work in Berlin!”