Udonis & Faith Rein Haslem Have Possibly the Biggest Sneaker Collections We’ve Ever Seen

The basketball player and his wife also happen to be the cutest couple. Miami.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

When we get invited to a professional athlete’s house, we know that something pretty epic is in store. But we’ve never experienced anything quite like what happened when we rolled up to longtime Miami Heat star, three-time NBA championship winner, and hometown hero Udonis Haslem’s place.

For one thing, Udonis and his wife, Faith Rein Haslem, live in suburban Miami on an out-of-the-way street that had us out-of-towners scratching our heads over whether we were actually in the right place. But then the gates opened (literally) and we were greeted by the truly massive home the couple share with their sons. Let’s just say we figured out pretty quickly that we were going to be staying awhile, especially after Faith showed us around not only her massive custom walk-in, but Udonis’ as well, which, we’re going to go on record and say it right now, is the biggest men’s closet we’ve seen in Coveteur history. That’s right.

Thankfully, Faith and Udonis let us take our time and walked us through their favorites (sneakers gifted from best friend and former teammate Dwyane Wade for him; Christian Louboutin stilettos worn at their wedding for her). In all honestly, going from the basketball player’s double-height closet filled with what must be hundreds of sneakers, to his wife’s, stuffed with Céline, Chanel, and Gucci (the woman knows her shit when it comes to collecting the good stuff), was like hitting the double jackpot when it comes to closet moments. And then there were the cars, the huge bathrooms, the supersize backyard, and a man cave unlike any we’ve ever seen (that said, not many men can hang their own NBA championship jerseys on the wall).

Theres more where this came from! Head to BET to see the rest of their closet and hear more about Faith and Udonis’ denim obsession.