Suki Waterhouse Says She Spent 10 Years of Her Life Obsessing Over The Sims

The model and Detective Pikachu actress told us all about it ahead of the AMO Ferragamo fragrance event.

suki waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse has grand plans to read a few pages of her book before heading to the AMO Ferragamo fragrance event. But as her makeup artist covers her eyes in sparkly pink shadow, and music blasts out of a portable speaker while I shout my questions toward her, she realizes it’s a lost cause. “I like to pretend I’ll be able to,” she admits, after I ask about the book that sits open on her lap. “I like to at least try.”

But the truth is, Waterhouse likely has very little time for reading. Tonight she’s getting fancy and celebrating the fragrance for which she is the face. But a quick scan of recent headlines—many of which seem to announce that Suki’s starring in yet another major film—and it looks as if the rest of the year is pretty booked up for her as well. She also tells me she plans on getting a dog soon. “I’ve worked out the thought today. It’s happening.”

So, nope—very little time for reading. But thankfully, we can chat, and chat we do. As I watch one eye transform into a complete, jaw-dropping makeup look, she tells me about everything under the sun, from how a spritz of Amo makes her feel, to her 10-year obsession with The Sims, and even what she plans on naming her future pup.

The songs on her getting-ready playlist: “One of my favorite hip-hop songs ever is a song called 'Swing' by Savage. Every time, it gets me. I also have my ‘The-plane-has-got-a-little-bit-turbulent-I-think-I’m-going-to-go-down’ playlist. Like when you think the plane is going to go down? I have a playlist for that. 'Bittersweet Symphony' is the song. And I’m always looking around like, who I’m going to eat on the plane first. You know that documentary Stranded? I always think of that.”
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