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Are Yoni Eggs the Secret to Better Sex?

The little crystal egg that has Gwyneth Paltrow’s stamp of approval comes in jade or rose quartz (in case you were wondering).

Are Yoni Eggs the Secret to Better Sex?
Alec Kugler

You’ve come (head out of the gutter, guys) this we know you’re just as intrigued by this little rose quartz egg as we were the first time we heard about it. (We promise we’ll keep the following as SFW—safe for work—as possible.) It’s the Goop-sold-out, Chinese-concubine-era Shiva Rose-endorsed (you may remember we visited her in the Pacific Palisades to talk tea ceremonies and meditation) semi-precious stone egg you put in your vagina. Its said to strengthen your pelvic floor, enhance sexuality...and, well, you’ll just have to keep reading below. We talked to Shiva Rose about everything you need to know about the yoni. Enjoy!


What Is a Yoni Egg?

“The word ‘yoni’ means sacred space and is the symbol of the Goddess or shakti in Hinduism. The practices of strengthening the pelvic floor with jade or yoni eggs was started by the queens and concubines of Ancient China. These secret practices are now being rediscovered and taught to many women who want to create a more vibrant life. The important issue, though, is to make sure you learn from a certified expert. Also, make sure you purchase real gem yoni eggs and not the fake ones that are circulating widely on the internet. You are placing this gem inside your sacred space, so you want to ensure it contains all the powerful elements of precious stones.”


The Yoni Effect

“The yoni practices have so many benefits—strengthening the pelvic floor, maintaining healthy reproductive organs, and enhancing sexuality and receptiveness. It can help balance hormones and prevents the decline of nerves, bladder, and uterus. It will awaken your feminine power, create chi, and finally, increase pleasure in all areas of your life.”


How to Use It

“I like to tell women that they should have a ceremony when initiating their egg. First, the eggs should be thoroughly cleansed and cleared. This can be done by boiling it for a few minutes in clean water. Then, after drying it, burn some sage around the egg and see it being cleansed. Imagine golden or white light being channeled into the egg. Place the egg under the light of the full moon from time to time.

“Create a quiet space, light a candle, and place the egg before you on a beautiful scarf or textile. Imagine all your intentions flowing into the egg before you begin using it. Lay down on the earth and place the jade or rose quartz egg on your belly and then your heart. Create a relationship with the magic of this stone.

“Next there are some specific exercises that can be down lying down. They entail inserting the egg and feeling its presence. From there you can begin to do some tightening and releasing of the pelvic floor. It is vital to release after the tightening, since the idea of release and expansion is part of the practice. I would recommend reading a book or taking a course with a certified practitioner like Dr. Saida Desilets or Layla Martin, since, like women, the yoni is very complex.”

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