Getting Ready
brent faiyaz

This R&B Artist Had an Incredibly Simple 5-Step Grammy Prep Routine

Brent Faiyaz invited us over pre-Grammys to talk the making of “Crew” and how he calms his nerves ahead of a major event.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Weston Wells

What makes getting ready for the Grammys with Brent Faiyaz infinitely better? When he gives you a preview of his new, still-in-progress music. The R&B artist, who was nominated for “Crew” along with GoldLink and Shy Glizzy, has had quite a successful year climbing the charts with “Crew” and remaining in them for an impressive 24 weeks. Now, with the release of his first solo project Sonder Son (if you have yet to listen to it, do so immediately), hes about to head on a 17-city tour. But for him, the Grammys were the cherry on top of the cake, and we were there to witness it all.

You wouldnt have guessed that last night was the first time Faiyaz attended the Grammys by how laid-back he was as he prepped for the night. He was posted up with a few friends and the designer of his suit, Bryan Jimenèz—a design student at FIT—in his hotel room when we arrived. He welcomed us in like we were old friends, and we started snapping as Faiyaz got dressed, tossed on a Martine Ali chain, and spritzed on some cologne.


“I knew it was a possibility we could be nominated, but I woke up and saw that Dee [GoldLink] had called me, so I figured we got it. It was around Thanksgiving time, so I went to my parents’ crib and ate.”

The look he went for: “Something new, youthful. I want to take this shit somewhere it hasn’t been.”

His go-to pre-event snacks: “Chicken wings. Junk food, soul food, Indian food, Chinese food, Mexican food—it doesn’t even matter as long as it’s good! But if it’s green I’m not really feeling it.”

“Bryan Jimenez designed the jacket, pants, and combat bag. Shirt by The Kooples. Shoes by 424 on Fairfax.”

“Absolutely I wore a rose! We don’t tolerate sexual misconduct around here.”

“I like to smoke weed [to calm my nerves], but I’m trying to stop. Talking to myself helps a lot though—I can feel the nervousness coming in and then calm myself down.”

“I love all types of music. I can’t even really keep up because it’s always moving. Right now, I really enjoy The Stylistics, this producer out of San Francisco named Lil Rece, and a lot of the homies’ new music. I pretty much work with everybody I listen to.”

His getting-ready routine is simple: “Shower, deodorant, lotion, brush my hair and my teeth.”

What it was like creating “Crew”: “It was really quick, honestly. Dee played the beat, left the room to eat, and I did my part. Then he came back and laid his verse.”

“My part wasn’t supposed to be the hook. I was mad because I didn’t finish, but it worked out perfectly!”

Where he is most looking forward to visiting on tour: “Baltimore and D.C.. No love like the love you get back home! But L.A. is always special too, and there is NYC. It’s all love everywhere we go. I can’t really describe it!”

“Everything new [this year]! I want to keep pushing boundaries in every way.”