yara shahidi

5 Outfits We Would Actually Wear from the SAG Awards

We’re not actors but whatever!

By: Tara Gonzalez

At the SAG Awards the discussion about sexual misconduct in Hollywood and beyond continued but the all black dress code did not. While some actresses did opt for a simple black lewk (we’ll get to that Yara Shahidi jumpsuit shortly) most of them went for the complete opposite of what they wore to the Golden Globes. Color wise we saw a lot of white and pale pink. For embellishes nothing was off limits with lots of fringe, feathers, sparkles and studs. And we’re also witnessing the return of the ribbon, especially when it’s worn in the hair (we’ll wear ours like Millie Bobby Brown all week, thank you very much). Here are our five favorite looks from the award ceremony that are also totally wearable in real life.  



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sadie sink

Sadie Sink is about to be everywhere soon and considering her recent work with  Miu Miu and the fact that CHANEL is already dressing her, it seems like she is set to be one of fashion’s newest faces just like her co-star Millie Bobby Brown. For us, this look is all about the elegance....and the ruffled sleeves. Instead of wearing a dress, consider a smoked high neck top paired with wide legged white pants—it’ll look just as elegant as Sink’s look but feel a little more comfortable. Since silver shoes have been everywhere try a more textured alternative like these Nicole Saldana heels that look and feel like literal clouds. 


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yara shahidi

YARA! Just seeing her in anything is enough to make us scream her name and look like the heart eyed emoji. She can do no wrong. Her jumpsuit featured a very long ribbon that brought lots of drama. But if we tried to wear something like this to work, we’re positive we’d get stuck in the subway doors. So maybe the best alternative is a jumpsuit that has some details that pop (but that don’t grace the floor), a great pair of statement earrings (these Laura Lombardi ones are essentially ear sculptures) and a good pair of combat boots so you can wear it rain or shine or slush or sun. 



Samira Wiley

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samira wiley

This look instantly reminded us of the insanely perfect Adam Selman tulle sheer space top, pants and trench happening over at Opening Ceremony. Then again completely sheer pants are not the best to wear during the day, so to imitate Wiley we’ll go ahead and indulge our desire to buy the Adam Selman set but substitute the pants for a good pair of black denim. 

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natalie dryer

Space was a big trend in 2017 and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Natalia Dyer’s Dior gown is the opposite of Adam Selman’s take on space and it illustrates how wearing the constellations and planets doesn’t have to be so loud. Rixo London is absolutely a brand to know if you want dresses and skirts with crazy patterns that don’t feel too overwhelming. Keep the look clean with a plain black tank top and a shiny drop earring. 

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millie bobbie brown

Millie Bobby Brown did what everyone else wanted to do and just wore sneakers. Also, her space buns!? Can we please talk about her space buns?! She set hers apart from Princess Leia’s and Miley’s by wearing two black ribbons tied in. Brown’s look is already perfect for the office so we’re going to go ahead and just wear a version of this tomorrow ...and on the weekend...and forever and ever.