I Swear Eyelash Extensions Have Made Me Low-Maintenance

I’ll prove it with math.

I Swear Eyelash Extensions Have Made Me Low-Maintenance

Before you eye-roll your computer screen, give me a chance to explain a bit of my beauty history. Im lazy. My day look is precisely as uncomplicated as my night look: some Tata Harper serum to prep my skin, a mix of Chanel and Dior foundations (I like to play with the ratio depending on the way my skin feels that day), some concealer, blush, and usually mascara. If I’m feeling extra fancy, I’ll put on a swipe of liquid liner, which takes me all of 30 seconds for both eyes, and lip gloss. Maybe a highlight here and there. Ultimately, the entire routine takes me no more than five minutes, I swear.

Now that it’s summer, I’ve swapped my two foundations for Shiseido Sports BB, which is an SPF with great tinted coverage, and definitely don’t need a highlight (riding the subway in June gives me enough glow), so I shaved a few more seconds off my regimen. But then Jodi walked into work one day, and I couldn’t pinpoint what made her look so damn good. Around lunch I finally asked, “Did you do something different today?” She excitedly answered, “I got eyelash extensions!” But they weren’t the spidery extensions I only see on the contour-and-beauty-tutorial-loving cohorts; they were lush but ~natural~ looking. I booked with her “girl” (who is actually her sister) at Naked Eye Lash Studio then and there.

I won’t bore you with the details of the applicationit’s two hours of lying still with your eyes closed, so yes, it’s a time commitmentbut it’s been completely worth it! I haven’t used mascara or eyeliner since, and I’ve been wayyyy more confident going with a fully bare face.

So yes, like you, I thought eyelash extensions were only for the high-maintenance, but it’s actually made me more low-maintenance.

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