january 2018 horoscopes

Your January 2018 Horoscopes Are Here!

How should your sign kick off 2018?

Hannah Becker

2018 doesn’t waste any time getting started with a supercharged Cancer full moon on New Year’s day that’s part of an intense star alignment, which sets you up for success during the rest of the year. Mid-month, expansive Jupiter aligns with serious Pluto to stretch your professional muscles and help you plan your long game. Even better, the Capricorn new moon on the 16th gives you a fresh start on any resolutions that need tweaking. Everything reaches a fever pitch on the 31st when a Leo lunar eclipse brings a very public conclusion to whatever you began working on last August. Even if it’s a bit outside your comfort zone, it’s good for you and well-deserved.

(Astrologer’s note: Don’t forget to read for your rising sign, too!)


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