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These Will Be the Biggest Fashion Trends of 2018

Pinterest is helping us get a head start on our New Year shopping.

These Will Be the Biggest Fashion Trends of 2018

Trends! They’re just like us—excited for 2017 to just end already so they can start 2018 all anew (which, speaking of, we’ll be celebrating with a New Year, New You series in January). And if trends could talk, theyd be saying something along the lines of: “Were coming in HOT for 2018!” According to Pinterest, nothing will be off-limits, so prepare for designer logos, socks with sandals, berets, hoop earrings bigger than your head, and more. And the best part? Most of the top trends are all about recycling old pieces rather than buying new ones, so you don’t have to add “become a millionaire” to your New Years resolution list. (Seemed a little lofty anyway.)


Logos are a thing (again)

+203% saves

Remember the heyday of Paris Hilton’s “that’s hot,” when everyone wore bedazzled Bebe t-shirts, Juicy Couture tracksuits (mine said Bling on the butt, and yes, I am still ashamed), and little Coach wristlets? Logos were the coolest thing ever until they weren’t. But like everything in life, trends are cyclical, and 2018 is going to be the year of the logo–even if it isn’t spelt correctly (see: the Mark Jacobs and Ava Nirui collaboration or Gucci’s recent use of “Guccy.”)


Weigh down your earlobes with the biggest earrings

+947% saves

Forget dainty and studded, and say hello to hoops, more hoops, and any big earring that has the potential to get stuck in your hair.


Replace your boyfriend jeans with wide-leg crops

+213% saves

OK, so boyfriend jeans aren’t going anywhere, but instead of getting another pair, you should opt for some pants of the wide-legged variety. They’re insanely flattering, comfortable, and give off just enough of that 70s vibe without trying too hard.


Berets are no longer for French girls only

+269% saves

For the longest time, there was a stigma about wearing berets if you weren’t a French girl walking through the streets of Paris with a fresh baguette in hand. The general consensus was that youd look a little...ridiculous. (Man Repeller did a great exposé on this matter: Can You Wear a Beret Without Looking Like an A-Hole?) But given that the French-girl style hysteria just won’t end, society has embraced how fab a beret looks on everyone, regardless of if you can properly pronounce je ne sais quoi (let’s just say our fashion director also pulls one off very convincingly).


Layering with more layers on layers

+102% saves

Layering will be a thing forever: one, because it is cozy AF, and two, because it’s the easiest way to take an outfit from zero to 100. Seriously, adding layers makes any outfit look more complex and also increases the chances your look is unlike anyone else’s. If you’re stuck for some long-layered clothing inspo, check out this new luxury brand that told us all the best winter styling secrets.


Plastic, patent leather, and lucite will be everywhere

+110% saves

The (bad) song lyric “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag” has never been relevant until now, because come the New Year, people will actually be wearing plastic, along with lots of patent leather and lucite. I personally want the Helmut Lang seen by Shayne Oliver Lucite Bag more than anything, even if it means everyone will see all my belongings and loose receipts. If you’re looking for some shoes to get you in the game early, I’d also recommend checking out anything Dorateymur makes.


Show some skin at all times, regardless of season

+147% saves

You know that feeling when it’s really cold outside, so you wear everything you can possibly carry on your body, and then you go inside and it’s so hot you have to take everything off? But then five minutes later you’re cold again? Invest in sweaters, pants, and shirts with slits, and you can solve this problem by showing just enough skin for some serious temperature relief and a bit of sneaky sex appeal!


Darker-washed denim that your mom is all about

+115% saves

Dark denim is back! While I’m not entirely sure it ever went away, it’ll be making a resurgence in contrast to the lighter vintage wash denim you likely already have. Chances are your mom was/is all over this trend, so you should steal some denim from her, and everybody wins (as long as she doesn’t notice anything missing from her closet).


Socks with sandals are socially acceptable and actually really cute

+72% saves

Sheer socks help keep your open-toe shoes and pumps in business all year round, and is there anything better than not having to swap out your summer wardrobe for your winter wardrobe? No! This is also a great way to approach those hotter days when you haven’t gotten a pedicure and need to shield your toes from anyone with eyes.


Shoes with funny things on them like studs and buckles


Miu Miu did it first with all their amazing footwear (like these embellished faux shearling slides), and now everybody wants shoes with insane oversized pearls or shiny pilgrim-esque buckles (everyone at Coveteur included!). It’s a great way to add some drama to an outfit and makes putting one foot in front of the other way more fun.


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