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11 Beginner Knitting Tutorials for When You’re Bored on Winter Break

There are few things more satisfying than wearing something you’ve made.

11 Beginner Knitting Tutorials for When You’re Bored on Winter Break

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Knitting gets a bad reputation. But, as Taylor Swift says, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Say goodbye to the days of wonky-looking knitted sweaters from your great-aunt. The hobby is on-trend and in full swing, and these 11 easy knitting tutorials are the perfect way to spend a day or night of frightful weather. Whether you’re looking to knit a comfy blanket to cuddle up with or a scarf to keep you warm, there are tons of different ways to embrace the latest trend.

Knitting has been picking up steam in the fashion world. Instead of spending money on an item to stay on trend, why not make it yourself? It turns out that it’s not actually as hard as it looks. Once you nail the simple hand motions, you’ve got yourself a brand-new hobby. In fact, some tutorials only last 10 to 25 minutes each. That leaves you time to run out and buy yarn, watch the tutorial, and make your own scarf before the end of the night. Heck, you could even master the practice before the holiday.

Before the winter is over, you can have a whole new wardrobe of knitted goodies. Just check out these tutorials to get some cozy inspo.


1. Arm Blanket

In less than an hour, you can have yourself a full-blown blanket to give or keep for yourself. This tutorial will show you how to do everything from start to finish, and even how to make it look professionally made.

2. Fine-Tuned Sweater

This tutorial isn’t just great for making a scarf. It goes through all of the basics of knitting, like how to pick the right yarn, needles, and how to pair the two. If you’re a visual learner, this is the tutorial for you.


3. Loom Hat

Want to learn how to loom? Look no further. No matter what you’re trying to make with a loom, this tutorial is the perfect way to start. It covers every single aspect of the trade, which makes it the perfect place for beginners to start learning.


4. Boot Cuffs

If you’re all about the accessories, you’re going to love this tutorial. These boot cuffs are the perfect project to ease into the knitting trend. According to the tutorial, all it takes is one hour to make these fun cuffs.


5. Chunky Sweater

Or maybe you’re looking to go big. This tutorial from co-founder of Wool and The Gang is long, but it tells you every single thing you need to know to make their signature homey sweater that will impress all of your friends.


6. Checkered Blanket

If a single-color blanket isn’t for you, this is a great option. You make all the squares separately, and then combine them at the end. The best part is that you don’t have to finish the project all at once. You can also make it at your own pace, which is great for beginners.


7. Knit Headband

Not ready to commit to a full-day project? No worries. This headband is a great place to start. All you have to know is one simple stitch, repeat it over and over, and you’re done.


8. Bauble Beanie

You know what’s even better than having a tutorial to look to? Having a set that comes with it. This brand is making everything easy by giving you everything you could possibly need to create the design.


9. Hand-Knit Blanket

This tutorial is so simple that you don’t even need a pair of knitting needles. Just lay the blanket flat, and weave the yarn with your hands. That makes it an easy project to set down and come back to whenever you’d like.


10. Hand-Crochet Rug

If you’re into the no-tool way of doing things, you’ll love this tutorial, too. It’s a little bit different than making an accessory, but just as impressive.


11. Rectangle Scarf

Everyone starts somewhere, and this tutorial is the perfect place to begin. Even the instructor in the video is a beginner, which means she gives some great tips for people just diving into the hobby.


With the help of one of these tutorials, you could just find a new creative passion. And if not, at least you spent a night trying something new—and not having to leave your bed.


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