The 22 Sexiest Presents for Your Sexiest Friend

The 22 Sexiest Presents for Your Sexiest Friend

You’ll want to buy some for yourself, too.

Joyce Bonelli is the only person we’ve met (so far!) who can cook cupcakes in bondage and not make us feel weird about it. But then again, we all have that friend like her who just exudes unapologetic sexiness because it’s just who they are. And since they’ve probably gifted you an outspoken present that made you feel amazing (Bonelli admits to gifting Kourtney Kardashian nipple clamps and a magic dildo set), Christmas is the perfect time to repay your sexiest friend with things like sultry lingerie, badass leather accessories, and a silky PJ set. And if all else fails, you can always just give them a Babeland gift certificate.


Any piece of lacey lingerie

They probably already own an incredible selection, but would they ever say no to another lace bodysuit, bra, or panty?


A leather accessory or corset

When we visited Bonelli, we learned she owns almost as much Zana Bayne as Zana Bayne herself, which cemented our belief that it’s the sexiest leather brand out there. You can’t go wrong with any of her pieces (especially the chokers or leather harnesses), but if your friend already has an impressive amount, you can always opt for a structured corset, pierced boot, or patent leather pant. They’ve all got massive sex appeal.


Slinky and silky PJ sets and robes

If lingerie itself feels a little too intimate, a great lounge set or robe is the perfect alternative—mostly because it’ll look great on top of all the sexy pieces your friend already owns.

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