A Former Pro Skateboarder Is Making the World’s Most Luxurious Sneakers

Jimmy Gorecki let us snoop around in his closet, and schooled us on athleisure and Supreme. Los Angeles.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Tristan Kallas

Meeting Jimmy Gorecki, a former professional skateboarder who skated for Pharrell’s Ice Cream along with a couple other iconic brands, at his home in Los Angeles, we expected to have little in common with him, and ended up feeling, well, two of a kind (to use a very out-of-date MK&A reference). The truth is that we are hardly skate culture experts. And while weve heard of Ice Cream, we had to employ good old Google when it came to Aesthetics, the iconic Philadelphia brand with which Gorecki started his skate career.

Gorecki, who has since transitioned out of professional skating (more on that in a minute), is one of those people whose excitement on any given topic is contagious, but hes also able to bring every reference point and topic of conversation back to clothes (like, say, us). And because of him, we can now tell you that the atheleisure “trend” has actually been worn by skaters for decades (“it’s been going on for a very long time,” he says). As for Supreme, the ultimate skater brand, he feels, again, similarly to us—as in he wants to stop buying it, but he just can’t.

And about his post-professional gig? Gorecki has worked for a slew of fashion and lifestyle brands in marketing positions and is now director of marketing for No.One, a custom sneaker line made by hand in L.A.—the last drop of the year, a pink pony hairstyle according to the brand's Instagram (seriously), is out next week. Something tells us it’s the kind of role that puts the man’s attention to detail (see his commentary on the perfect denim fit) and collector status (all that Philadelphia sport paraphernalia) to good use.

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