This Sweater Is Extremely Cozy and Somehow Also Really Sexy

This Sweater Is Extremely Cozy and Somehow Also Really Sexy

I’m never taking it off.

Alec Kugler

I love to wear sweaters to parties—I think they’re secretly really sexy in that most people don’t immediately think of them as such.

When most people think of sweaters, they think of cozying up by the fire or sitting under a blanket in the cold. When I think of sweaters, I think about how I can crop them to fall right above my bellybutton, or how they’ll add the extra bit of warmth to an otherwise not-made-for-the cold outfit. And there’s just something so compelling about an article of clothing that isn’t trying to get you to look at it. A sweater is naturally unassuming.

This Orseund Iris sweater has an exaggerated turtleneck that covers up the entirety of your neck, and extra long sleeves that could hide your hands, but it does leave your midriff completely exposed (how I like it!). I also want to style it exactly how it is presented on the site, with a pair of leather pants, black heels, and an extensively studded belt. And the best part is, when I come back home from my holiday party inevitably early the next morning, I’ll only have to expend enough energy to change into a pair of PJ pants—I can easily crawl into bed with the sweater on and then wear it out the next day.

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