The One Thing We Know about Meghan Markle’s Wedding Ring

The One Thing We Know about Meghan Markle’s Wedding Ring

And everything else we can’t stop talking about this week.

This week on “Open Tabs”—an assortment of links we have on our open tabs for the week—we’re giving you a peek into our own internet habits and the stories and themes we can’t seem to stop talking about, like what we know so far about Meghan Markle’s wedding band, Lady Bird, what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers, and much, much more.


1. Here’s Exactly What to Wear to Hot Yoga (via Who What Wear)

Noted for my next Y7 class...


2. The 1 Thing We Know about Meghan Markle’s Wedding Band (via Popsugar Beauty)

The question is, will it go with her engagement ring?


3. Lady Bird Is Three Rave Reviews Away from a Rotten Tomatoes Record (via Forbes)

If you haven’t seen Lady Bird already, you’re missing out.


4. The first thing that I’m going to buy this Cyber Monday. 

One of the hundred things, that is.


5. How to Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers (via Goop)

It’s an easy way to save money on groceries for the week.


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