Exclusive: We Got the First Look at Dior’s Haute Couture Exhibit

Exclusive: We Got the First Look at Dior’s Haute Couture Exhibit

Taking you behind the scenes and into the workshop of the ROM’s upcoming Christian Dior retrospective.

Nathan Legiehn

There are two marks we always like to hit when we think of the perfect story. One, uncovering never-before-seen and rare pieces our Coveteur’d friends have collected or inherited into their wardrobes. Two, drawing the curtain, literally and figuratively, to give you a real look at the makings of some of our favorite moments in culture, fashion, and beauty.

But something we haven’t had the opportunity to do, until now, is take you behind the scenes of one of Toronto’s most prestigious museums, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), to see how its most hyped exhibit of 2017, Christian Dior, came together. We went into the ROM workroom, where curators, conservators, and technicians painstakingly prepared each of the iconic pieces from Dior’s first decade of haute couture, from the post-WWII era (1947-1957), to be displayed for the exhibit, which is set to run from Nov 25, 2017 to March 18, 2018.

Fun fact: The ROM has one of the most extensive collections of fashions and textiles, with over 55,000 pieces in its archive (the third-largest collection in the world!), with Christian Dior as part of its permanent collection. Think of all the embroidery and perfectly bustier’d tops! So. Many. Kira Kira moments. Another fun fact? There’s a Dior couture bat mitzvah dress (now, that’s worthy of My Super Sweet 12(!!!)] a gift from the estate of Molly Roebuck, and an item from 100-year-old Lillian Weiss, that will be on display. It’s worth getting a ticket just for *that*.

Click through the gallery below to see how it all came together and follow one of Dior’s couture gowns from workroom to display case.

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