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I Would Do Crazy Things for This $3,750 Dress

Crazy things. Help.

I Would Do Crazy Things for This $3,750 Dress
Weston Wells

Red has been declared the color of fall, and as someone whose accessories collection is comprised almost entirely of the color, I could not be more on board. I’m not one to usually try out trends, but the head-to-toe red thing is even more compelling than wearing one pop of the color on its own, and when I saw this Fendi dress, I stopped dead in my tracks because it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s like it was made exactly for me!

Except for the fact that it was made for someone with much more disposable income than I have. But this is the kind of piece that I’d seriously consider nuking my credit history for. It’s the sort of dress you’d wear to everything, but isn’t so splashy that everyone would always recognize it. It’s the kind of dress that will look great no matter what season it is, and it’s the kind of dress your future daughter would desperately try to steal from your closet until the blessed day when you pass it along to her.

It makes me feel crazy inside I want it so much—the sort of want that makes me hate everything I currently have and consider changing every single thing about myself! Like the fact that I don’t live in Rome in an apartment that could be described as “elegant,” or that I don’t have a masters in Renaissance sculpture, or that I can’t cook pasta al dente or even really at all! What even is life without a dress like this? Sigh. Crazy things.

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