Everything a Genuine Surfer Girl Has in Her New Brooklyn Closet

Kelia Moniz is merging Brooklyn style with laid-back Hawaiian vibes. In collaboration with Roxy.

By: Hannah Baxter
Styling: Daniella Deutsch, Meagan Wilson

On the metaphorical pyramid of dream career paths, being a professional surfer has got to be right at the very top. Just imagine trading in the office for a sandy beach, emails for waves, and pencil skirts for bikinis... To us, that sounds like the very definition of paradise. For Roxy team member Kelia Moniz, it’s her day-to-day reality.

Despite her jet-setter lifestyle, the 24-year-old has managed to remain both humble and grounded, thanks in large part to her family (she has four brothers!), her husband, and her newly established home in Brooklyn. “I surf in Montauk,” she explains when we ask how she stays at the top of her game so far from her native Hawaii. “[My husband’s] parents have a home out there. It’s really amazing. It’s only two and a half hours, so we usually drive at night and wake up in the morning, and we’re there for three days. It’s epic.”

So, how exactly does a real-life surfer girl combine the sport’s notoriously laid-back vibes with quintessential Brooklyn street style? Plenty of denim, comfy sneakers, flowy dresses, and a healthy dose of sentimental jewelry that can be worn while surfing. She even had a custom band made so that she won’t lose her engagement ring in the water! We couldn’t wait to see what else besides bikinis—and trust us, there were *plenty* of those—a professional surfer keeps in her wardrobe.

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