4 Thanksgiving Outfits to Wear When Jeans Feel like Torture

Finally—outfits you can eat in.

4 Thanksgiving Outfits to Wear When Jeans Feel like Torture

In the past, we’ve been told there are two types of people: ones who dress for comfort, and ones who dress for style. But who says you can’t do both, especially during the holiday season? Obviously you want to look your best as you greet and catch up with relatives, some of whom you probably haven’t seen all year. But do you really want to wear constrictive clothing and non-flexible waistbands as you stuff your face with turkey and—*cue the mouth watering*—pumpkin pie?

The answer, if you ask us, is oh, hell no. So we’ve solved this Thanksgiving-through-New-Year’s-Eve outfit dilemma by putting together comfy, cozy pairings that you can actually eat in…and possibly even nap in, once you’re nice and full.


Pajama-like Pants Paired with a Sweater

While wearing sweatpants to a family dinner may still be frowned upon (ugh, they’re joggers, Aunt Linda!), nothing’s stopping you from going with an equally comfy alternative: wide-leg bottoms equipped with an elastic waistband (for that extra slice of pumpkin pie). Worn with a striped sweater, a clean white pair of kicks, and a beret to top it all off, you’ll look like you’re rolling up to a red carpet—but feel like you just rolled out of bed.


A One-and-Done Jumpsuit

This Topshop jumpsuit screams fun and festive, thanks to its velvet material and star details. But the best part lies somewhere around the middle—aka that drawstring, which you can adjust throughout the night as you stuff your face. While we’d rock this one-and-done look with a pair of white slip-ons (thus making it even easier to throw on before heading out), black ankle boots would look just as cute. And don’t forget a pair of hoops!


A Billowy Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses may come across as fancy, but those flowy shapes are pretty perfect when it’s time to digest, not to mention they feel like you’re wearing your own personal blanket. Before you spend the night cuddled up comfortably on a couch, spice yours up with a pair of white ankle boots and a black cap.


A Cozy Maxi-Skirt-and-Turtleneck Combo

Sticking to one color scheme already makes any ensemble look more expensive and elevated, but there’s another reason to go with this particular pairing. If you layer your chunky, knit turtleneck over your midi skirt, you’ll easily be able to hide any post-turkey bloat, and some silver boots will put a festive spin on things...while covering up your legs and keeping them warm!

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