15 Pairs of Shoes You Can Party All Night In, Pain-Free

15 Pairs of Shoes You Can Party All Night In, Pain-Free

Consider this your holiday footwear survival guide.

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It’s a sad, sad reality that one of the most exciting parts of an outfit—shoes!—is often the least comfortable. We’ve been known to sacrifice the feeling in our pinky toes for a great pair, but we’re changing our ways this party season. The notion that you have to be in pain to look good is antiquated, silly, and, quite frankly, just not true. We’ll be celebrating from now until New Year’s, and we plan to do so dressed to the nines without the risk of shin splints or blistered ankles. Block-heeled booties, bejeweled flats, and sky-high platforms are what we’re partying in this season, along with some festive loafers and boots. Presenting our 15 favorites, ahead.

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