19 Giant Blankets to Buy for the Coziest Winter Ever

19 Giant Blankets to Buy for the Coziest Winter Ever

Your couch naps are about to get way better.

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Nothing says winter quite like a giant knit blanket. Yes, wrapping yourself up in a cozy throw is technically a season-less activity, one that you likely do on the daily on your couch or your bed, but it doesn’t feel quite as good until the temperatures have dropped and the holidays start to roll in. Watching a spooky movie with a blanket as your shield? The best. Digesting your Thanksgiving meal while tucked underneath heavy knitted fabric? Arguably therapeutic. Listening to holiday music, draped in your favorite Christmas quilt? I rest my case.

But this winter season, why not overhaul your blanket collection? Trade in your ratty old throw for a chicer, cozier upgrade. There are more options than ever before, thanks to the popularity of crocheting and the hygge movement. Whether you’re looking for a chunky knit blanket or a rich cashmere throw, there’s one for you and your toasty winter needs. Here are 19 giant blankets to wrap yourself up in until spring.

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Pom-Pom Fringe

It doesn’t get any cuter than this throw with soft, softball-sized pom-poms lining its edges. The price also can’t be beat.

Don’t forget to pair your new cozy knit blanket with a festive holiday candle (or two) for complete winter domination.


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