The Story Behind the Diamond Necklace You’ve Seen All Over Instagram

It is the textbook definition of “awesome,” as in: inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear—the fear comes from wondering what would happen to us if we tried to steal it.

Diamond Week
The Story Behind the Diamond Necklace You’ve Seen All Over Instagram

Chances are you’ve seen a picture of a diamond-and-emerald necklace, featuring a massive emerald-cut drop diamond in the center, floating around Instagram lately. Aside from the obvious fact of it being gigantic and gorgeous and hand-crafted by the geniuses at de Grisogono, *that* center stone is no ordinary diamond.

It’s the largest D Flawless diamond ever to go up for auction by 50 (!!) carats. The total weight of that stone? 163.41 carats, and it was cut from a 404-carat rough diamond.


A few more facts about the mind-blowing necklace:

· It was the 27th largest rough white diamond ever discovered.
· It is set in a necklace, which took 11 months of work and 1,700 hours to create.
· It took 14 craftsmen to perfect the necklace.
· The necklace is set in 5,949 brilliant-cut emeralds.

The necklace is currently on view at Christie’s New York and coincides with the opening of the new de Grisogono boutique in New York. Says de Grisogono president Lisa Klein:

“We’re thrilled to be opening the de Grisogono Boutique on Madison Avenue in New York during such an exciting time for the company, just following the reveal of The Art of de GRISOGONO, Creation 1: an exquisite necklace featuring a 163.41 carat D, Flawless white diamond, set with emerald cut diamonds and emeralds. This piece represents the spirit of de Grisogono and the astonishing craftsmanship we’re able to offer our clients. With this new space, we’ve created the ideal destination for our clients to experience remarkable creations such as this.”

Find out everything there is to know about the necklace (including how the diamond was found, how the necklace was crafted, and exactly how something like this is transported) here.


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