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30 Things You Should Consider Buying Instead of Pants

It’s a styling tip we picked up in Stockholm.

30 Things You Should Consider Buying Instead of Pants

One of the best parts of traveling is gathering as much street style inspiration as possible, so that when we’re back home we can recreate our favorite looks. When we visited Stockholm, there was outfit inspo at seemingly every turn. Not only is everyone in the city incredibly beautiful, but everything from the architecture to the clothing is impeccably well designed. It makes for an envious combination.

Paulina Liffner embodies this completely; she’s stunning, and her line of handbags, Little Liffner, is no different. Her closet had us reconsidering a lot of things we thought we knew about personal style, like how frequently we rely on pants for our go-to look. Instead of wearing jeans, Liffner styles tees, blazers, or sweaters with knee-length skirts, or for a more dramatic look, shell casually throw on a trench coat as a dress. So if you’re looking to shake up your wardrobe like a Swede, here are 30 things to add to your closet immediately, no jeans needed.


Don’t underestimate the midi skirt

Skirts are inherently feminine, so some people just write them off as too girly. Liffner illustrated that aspect of her wardrobe with a glistening purple pleated skirt and rainbow sweater. But for her second look, she paired a white skirt with a Nirvana band tee, a black blazer, and badass platform boots, proving that the midi skirt can be just as versatile as jeans.


Everything you wear with jeans, you can layer with a skirt

Sweaters, blazers, band tees: All are quintessential wardrobe staples that look good with jeans, but would look just as good with a skirt. Consider buying one size up for an oversized, baggy aesthetic that adds a masculine edge.


And when you don’t feel like layering, just throw on a trench coat as a dress

We’ve been seeing the classic trench worn as a dress more and more recently, but we’re not complaining. The style itself is classic with a flattering silhouette, so why not wear it as a jacket and a dress? It’ll help you get ready in record time and look like Alexa Chung while you’re at it.

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