Getting Ready

What Model Jasmine Tookes Drinks Before a Big Night Out

Hint: It’s not green juice.

By: Samantha Sutton
Photography: Tristan Kallas

It’s not every day that we get to play fly on the wall as a major model (and Victoria’s Secret Angel!) gets ready for a red carpet event. So when we were invited to pop by as Jasmine Tookes prepped for the 2017 REVOLVE Awards in L.A.? We took full advantage—and by full advantage, we mean we took notes.

Thankfully, Tookes was happy to share some of her secrets, including what she fuels up on before heading out, the item she packs in her bag, and why you’ll never catch her changing into flats. 


How does prepping for a red carpet event/awards differ from getting ready for the runway?

“Well, for me it’s very different because most of the time I enjoy glamming myself rather than having a full team. I have loved makeup my whole life, so it’s something that I really like experimenting with.”

“I always blast music in my apartment. Something I can dance and sing along to, which also, unfortunately, makes my getting-ready time take a little longer!”

“I’m wearing the brand NBD. It was my choice because it was something sparkly and fun! I love that it’s two pieces. It’s cool, chic, and sexy.”

Do you fuel up before a big event? What are you eating/drinking?

“I actually love to have a nice glass of bubbly! Gets you in the mood for a fun night out!”

“I always have an eyebrow pencil/brush [in my bag]. Eyebrows, to me, are the most important part of the face when talking beauty, so throughout the night I always make sure they’re groomed into perfect place.”

“I always tend to keep my footwear pretty simple, especially since this outfit already has so much going on. I’m wearing black Stuart Weitzmen strappy heels.”

Do you ever change into flats during the night? What’s your favorite “comfy” shoe?

“I like to keep my look put-together the whole night and keep it classy. Once you’re in it, you gotta stick with it! My favorite comfy shoes are probably my Chanel flats. I have many colors, and they’re honestly so comfortable.”

“I like to stay true to myself when it comes to my style. I never really like when people change it up too much because then you have no idea who they really are, stylewise. I feel I have a very classic, polished, put-together style. Always classy and a hint of sexy.”

What’s the section of REVOLVE you spend the most time browsing?

“Whenever I go to the REVOLVE site, my first click is under the dresses section. Anyone that knows me knows I love long, beautiful, flowy summer dresses, and they always have the best options.”

“I’m just excited to see all of the REVOLVE girls and hang out. I went to REVOLVE in the Hamptons and also Coachella, and there’s always such an awesome group of fun and stylish girls. You always see them on Instagram, so it’s nice to actually meet in person.”