Gwyneth Paltrow Approves of Wearing Pajamas to the Grocery Store

Especially if they’re from Goop Label.

Gwyneth Paltrow Approves of Wearing Pajamas to the Grocery Store

Never in my life did I imagined I’d be discussing Big Little Lies with Gwyneth Paltrow. But on a Thursday afternoon, at a Goop Label preview, there I was, casually chatting with the actress about the show. “Have you watched?” she asked the group of editors I was with. They had, they said, as had she, and soon we were all singing the praises of Paltrows good pal Reese—Witherspoon, in case you missed that one.

It’s strange to reflect on, but in the moment, it all just felt…weirdly normal. Just standing there, discussing television, hearing Gwyneth admit to eating fries at 1am and witnessing her casually drink Starbucks. Sure, the actress (slash business mogul, slash sometimes-singer) can be spotted on every screen there is, but despite all of that, she’s still a regular woman and a mom. One who knows what it’s like to scramble for an outfit and wish for a closet full of elevated, expensive-looking basics.

That’s partly how Goop Label came to be, back in 2016. Gwyneth isn’t just interested in the lives of women like Reese; she’s interested in the lives of all women, and wanted to make “Made in Italy” clothes available to everyone at a slightly lower price point. While walking me through the latest offerings at Roll & Hill, she pointed out her favorite pieces, revealed her love of pajamas, and even gave some great business advice—which happens to apply to everyday life, too.


Why she created Goop Label:

“I felt like designer clothing has become so incredibly expensive, so I was mulling over, ‘Is there a version, a direct-to-consumer model, like Everlane, that you can apply to a Made in Italy, more designer model? How would that work?’ That’s basically the impetus for the whole collection. We like to think of it as really respectful of the modern woman who wants that designer, but also, it’s a more approachable price point—we’re not 6x-ing the price of things. It’s all sort of buy-now, wear-now. It’s kind of trend-proof, elevated basics. That’s the idea.”

On all the pieces pairing well together and falling within the lines of uniform dressing:

“It’s important. I think we’re trying to speak to the modern, busy, working, maybe mom, who has to have a wardrobe that’s really versatile and simple, easy to figure out, and cut really well. All the bottoms have a bit of stretch in it. It’s making clothes by women, for women. So things that are easy to wear, interchangeable, just those kind of basic staples.”

The “outfit saving” piece when you’re stumped about what to wear:

“My answer to that is always a jumpsuit. It’s everything—it’s pants, it’s also a dress. You know what I mean? You can wear it with heels, you can dress it down. Our most formal one that is coming out soon is just foolproof for holiday. The whole thing is meant to be interchangeable and really easy to wear.”


On the inclusion of stylish pajamas:

“Well, because I love pajamas; I wear pajamas every night. Then I’m always like... ‘How great, to look cute while you’re making breakfast?’ On the weekend, I’ll stay in pajamas all day. So we wanted to make them a little bit cuter.”

On the plaid pajama jumpsuit:

“It’s cute, right? You can wear it to bed, you can wear it out. It’s the same with the ones that sort of have that wide sleeve and culotte. You can wear it out in a sort of Prada-esque way. Like wear it to the grocery store.”

The reason she loves culottes:

“I’m a big culotte person. I think they’re flattering and really comfortable and easy. I just think it’s a nice silhouette, like a wide-leg culotte.”


The splurge-worthy staple:

“Probably the Katherine pant. [I’m wearing it] in velvet, but we make it in just black. It’s kind of perfect—there’s a bit of stretch, it’s a really flattering leg, the waist is high enough just to sort of like... It goes with everything. You can wear it with heels, you can wear it with a sneaker, a sweater. You can dress it up or down. I’m obsessed with that pant.”

The most valuable business lesson she’s learned:

“In my case, the most valuable lessons I’ve learned [have been] by making mistakes. That could be on the technology front—that could be on anything. I think there’s really value in learning by, like, trial by fire. That’s how I learned acting; I just found myself on a movie set and figured it out by fucking up and doing well. It’s sort of the same with this, you know? It’s kind of on-the-job learning. So now, when people come and ask me stuff, I’m like, ‘Okay, let me tell you all the mistakes that I’ve made. So please don’t replicate these mistakes.’ It’s been a very steep learning curve, and really fun, really interesting.”


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