Our Latest Street Style Obsession Is Also Insanely Comfortable

We’re stocking up in every color we can find.

By: Hannah Baxter

Bless whatever person started the current pajama mania that is dominating the street-style scene, because we and our friends at HYPEBAE could not be more excited. Seriously, who doesn’t want to just roll out of bed, slip on a pair of platform heels, and waltz out the door looking incredibly chic and put-together? Of course the trick is elevating our silkiest pj’s so that we look glam rather than ready for bed. Luckily three editors have styled a black, baby blue, and rosy pink head-to-toe look so you don’t have to focus on anything except your comfort level.

Head over to HYPEBAE to see their three editors’ chicest pajama picks, plus where to shop!


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