Everything a Vogue Bride Did Day-Of to Prep for Her Wedding

And her one beauty regret.

Everything a Vogue Bride Did Day-Of to Prep for Her Wedding

As wedding month (and wedding season) comes to a close, I think I speak for most of us when I say we had more insanely beautiful weddings flooding our IG feeds this summer than we could keep up with. One we keep going back to, however, is Babba Canales’.

The Swedish megababe and all-around creative powerhouse (you might remember her from this) wed her sweetheart, Tictail founder, in their home country this summer (their wedding featured Katy Perry’s dancing sharks and took place at a Swedish castle…). And while you can check out the entire shebang on Vogue, we couldn’t help but get the details on how she nailed her perfectly natural, dewy, romantic but not overdone beauty look.

Here’s everything she did to prep for her wedding.

“I actually didn’t do [many treatments before the wedding]. I’m always a bit nervous about trying too many new products before an important occasion, as you never know how your skin will react. That being said, I did go to Tulura’s studio in Tribeca for a facial and, as a result, fell in love with her face oil and serum, which I now use daily. I also used my regular Clarins Pure & Radiant facial mask and Sensai’s Total Lip Treatment.”
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