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You’ll Want to Wear This Engagement Ring Even If You’re Single

Spinelli Kilcollin is launching wedding jewelry, and it’s stunning.

You’ll Want to Wear This Engagement Ring Even If You’re Single
Alec Kugler, Cibelle Levi

Is it embarrassing to admit that we casually stalk engagement rings (and anything else diamond-y, really) on Instagram? Yes, yes, it’s embarrassing. We’re like hypnotized idiots when it comes to sparkle, as basic as that sounds. As far as the diamond thing goes—along with an addiction to finding expensive things to wear—we’ve long been fans of Spinelli Kilcollin, the L.A.-based jewelry line founded and designed by Yves Spinelli, who does fine jewelry just right, as in you still get all the glitter and heavy metal, but it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing something owned by your grandmother. The best part? The jeweler is officially launching engagement rings and wedding bands this month.

If you know Spinelli Kilcollin, it’s probably because of his signature, the linked Galaxy Rings, a design the jeweler came up with because he couldn’t find it anywhere else.


“I wanted a ring that could be worn across three fingers comfortably, and the connectors seemed like a logical solution,” he explains. “When I made the first ring, I realized that the connectors gave versatility to be worn a number of different ways…including stacked on one finger. I studied jewelry in high school and worked at Maxfield for 12 years selling jewelry by great designers, and I had never seen anything like this.”

And neither have we. Spinelli has since branched out into earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, all with the same linked motif, all super refined and streamlined.

According to the designer, creating a wedding collection was the obvious next step (we have to agree). “We’ve thought about designing wedding rings for several years,” Spinelli says. “One of our first diamond Galaxy Rings was made as our friend’s engagement ring, and she later added the wedding band. We consequently added it to our collection and named it after her as Sonny Gold. When we started designing our wedding collection, we worked hard to design a clean, minimal setting to fit into our aesthetic. We wanted to offer something new.”


And is it ever new. You know those alternative engagement ring guides you see for women who don’t like traditional engagement rings? (We feel you.) Spinelli Kilcollin’s collection is the ultimate answer. It’s special and unique and undeniably modern (read: not traditional), and yet, put one of those on your finger and you’ll still get the stomach flip. “I see these as a new mix of traditional and non-traditional wedding jewelry,” says the designer. “The stones we offer, the hand-set solitaire settings and pave work are all very traditional. We also offer fancy colored diamonds and colored stones, which are less traditional. The concept that someone can get their engagement ring from us and then connect the wedding band later is something that I have never seen before.” And are we ever suckers for sentimentality.

Frankly, these rings don’t have to be just for engagements or marriages—we mean, we’d wear a fistful of them any day of the week as the most single girls in New York. Spinelli himself says it best: “I see our clients as sophisticated and contemporary. Their aesthetic is timeless and chic, but they are not bound by tradition. I would also like to think that they are creative and fun.” Sign us up.


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