Athena Calderone Loves Cheese Doodles but Hates Fresh Pasta

We raided the foodie’s Brooklyn kitchen and were pleased with what we found.

Athena Calderone Loves Cheese Doodles but Hates Fresh Pasta

We’ve been following Athena Calderone’s culinary adventures for quite some time now. The mom/food blogger/design enthusiast is the brains behind EyeSwoonour go-to site for everything culinary. And as if Calderone didn’t already have enough on her plate (pun intended), she recently came out with a cookbook, Cook Beautiful(one of a two-part book contract—but we’ll tell you more on that later). The title is quite fitting—Calderone not only shows us how to prepare some of the most drool-worthy dishes but gives inspiration and tips on how to properly plate and serve so that we host the chicest dinner parties.

While we’ve already peeked inside Calderone’s kitchen once before, we figured what better time than now for round two? While we were snooping and shooting around Calderone’s Brooklyn kitchen, we also got her to whip us up one of her favorite recipes for her new book. Be prepared to get hungry clicking through the gallery below.


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