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What It’s Like to Get a Feng Shui Fragrance

It’s like horoscopes, but beauty.

By: Katie Becker
Photography: Tristan Kallas

While I’m completely, embarrassingly into my horoscope—I’m a cancer and I have spent hours reading long explanations about myself and which signs would make my ideal partner—I never considered what my feng shui element would be. I didn’t even know that I could have one. I’ve done my fair share of shifting around furniture based on Googled feng shui charts (sorry, downstairs neighbor), and I do think part of how I wound up with a wonderful partner is because I regularly light two candles together in the romance sector of my studio (please don’t tell him that), so the possibility of fragrances that could enhance my best natural traits and even influence other parts of my life sounded pretty sweet to me.

Enter The Harmonist. The basic premise of The Harmonist fragrances is that there are five elements (water, earth, fire, metal, and air) and two energies (yin and yang), which makes for a total of 10 fascinating and extremely different fragrances. Each one is blended using notes predominantly from the main element and with extra notes that speak to the characteristics of that element. For example, air fragrances smell more light and fresh, and wood fragrances smell, well, you can guess. Getting your full feng shui chart done actually takes hours to complete, but you can do a shortcut version either in the store or online to you find your element and learn all about which of the fragrances will vibe with you best. You even get a monthly forecast, just like with zodiacs. My inner narcissist is totally sold! Click through below to learn how it all goes down.


Harmonist has graphic-looking boutiques in Paris and Los Angeles that are very precisely designed with black-and-white marble and bright green malachite tables (which are said to absorb negative energy) in the middle of the shop—the energy center of the space.

To find your own element out of the 10, you're guided through a questionnaire that includes your gender, birthplace, and exact birth time. (Better call Mom to dig up the birth certificate!)

Based on my answers, I found out I am a yin metal. What does that mean? “A yin metal person is intelligent and wise. They are sophisticated and charming with an attractive energy that makes them popular in a social setting.” I mean, I must humbly agree.

Above: All the yin fragrances on display—they come in black bottles.

The fragrance that matches yin metal is Metal Flower with roses, aldehydes, ylang ylang, and patchouli. I have to admit, I didn’t love all of the 10 fragrances, but my fragrance, Metal Flower, smells amazing to me. I’m told that’s a common phenomenon.

According to The Harmonist, spraying your matching fragrance enhances your social life. Then, using the swiveling charts above, you can figure out which complementing elements will enhance other areas of your life. In my case, water enhances my creativity, wood boosts my prosperity, fire elevates my status or seduction powers, and earth enhances my wisdom.

I’m asked which elements of my life I’d like to improve. After stating the obvious—”All of it! Please, just help me!”—I narrow it down: wisdom and creativity. My love life is actually pretty good, but I need some creativity to fuel my work life and some wisdom to survive it. Royal Earth, which should help with the wisdom part, has notes from roots like carrots and iris root and will help make me feel—whaddaya know?—more grounded.

Apparently, couples sometimes come in together to find out their elements and whether they’re supposed to be a good fit. I’m told my ideal partner is a yang fire. (Please excuse me while I call my boyfriend’s mother about his birth certificate.)

Ultimately, since my appointment, I’ve found myself wearing my Metal Flower fragrance the most, which makes me feel like I’m doing something affirming for myself as I get dressed in the morning. Like a little mist on my skin that says “you’re gonna be the best you today.” A cosmic promise indeed.

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