Sunday Spa Routine

Our Co-Founder’s 5 Sunday Spa Indulgences

How Stephanie Mark gets amazing hair and a deep sweat going.

By: Stephanie Mark

Welcome to my Sunday! Super glad to have you here. Like most people, I get mad Sunday scaries, so my spa routine is a great way for me to relax and ease into my week stress-free.

I used to do a whole cocktail of masks and face treatments, but since my skin has been less than behaved the past couple of months, I am really paring back on face treatments and only using what my new BFF, Dr. Amy Wechsler, tells me to. This also comes at a very opportune time, since I have basically fried the life out of my hair and can now focus all my time on bringing it back to its former glory.


I start the treatment by applying Christophe Robin’s super luxe Lavender Hair Oil. Since it is surfactant, silicone, paraben, etc etc etc -free, I don’t have to worry about it damaging my color or any other treatments (cough, cough, keratin) that I have. I apply and then brush it through my hair with Christophe’s fabulous brush.

After applying the mask and letting it sit for a couple of minutes, I then add Christophe Robin’s famous Cleansing Mask with lemon. I let both sit on my hair.

I was lucky enough to see Christophe in Paris. While in his super chic salon, he did the Lemon Mask on my hair while putting me under steam. portable infrared sauna! While some people may think having your own portable infrared sauna is high-maintenance, they would be wrong. This puppy costs less than three or four sessions at any infrared sauna place. So, in fact, I am saving money. While it’s not the exact same as sitting under a steam, I like to think it really helps the mask get nice and hot, and since I usually work out Saturday and Sunday, this is also a great time to give some TLC to my muscles.

After sweating it out, I jump in the shower to rinse out my masks *really* well, and then tend to my face. I wash with regular face wash, but then apply Chanel’s Solution 10 as my nighttime moisturizer.

Last step! I apply Revitalash. I was turned onto it from our editorial and fashion director, Laurel. While I didn’t see a difference for about the first month, one morning I woke up with a serious Bambi lash situation. I use this every night before I go to bed.