Sunday Spa Routine

Our Senior Editor’s Sunday Spa Routine Is All About Super Hydrated Skin

When you mark your 30th birthday with a 10-step anti-aging and luxe routine that’s all about the skin.

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

This week I hit a big honkin’ milestone: I officially entered my third decade. I honestly didn’t feel any dread approaching my 30th birthday (until my iPhone flooded with messages like “Do you miss your 20s yet?”—thanks, friends), but if I’m being honest, my skin has been feeling more its age than I have for much of the past year. My bouncy, collagen-filled skin, which I took for granted, is now easily dehydrated and, ultimately, deflated; my pores have become slightly larger (ok, so probably only visibly so to me), and fine lines have been steadily growing deeper. So, I’ve recently been adjusting and ramping up my daily skin-care routine to tackle these new challenges. And my Sundays, well, Sunday is my regular routine on the proverbial crack.

It involves ritualized deep-cleansing, an at-home chemical peel (always), and a series of targeted serums and creams. There’s even a lifting wand in there. Between the aforementioned steps that require a bit of ~working~ time, I give myself an at-home manicure—probably my favorite part of the whole routine. By the time Monday rolls around, both my skin and nails look so good, I hardly remember that I just hit 30.


Thursday Plantation Eucalyptus Oil: Sunday is the day I like to slow things down and dedicate a few hours to myself in my own little sanctuary. I put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil into my diffuser and let it run for a couple hours to fill my apartment with a spa-like smell. I couldn’t do the rest of my Sunday routine without it.

IS Clinical Cleansing Complex + Foreo: Hands-down the biggest improvement to my skin has come out of unwavering commitment to nightly cleansing. I know, it should be a given, but I’ll admit that I used to frequently fall asleep with a full face of makeup, opting for a face wash during my morning shower. Horrible! But I am reformed and, by the advice of aesthetician to the prettiest faces in Hollywood, Shani Darden, now use IS Clinical Cleansing Complex, which is gentle and doesn’t leave behind any soapy residue or hint of makeup. I kick it up a notch by sudsing it up with my Foreo for an even deeper clean.

Ole Henriksen Power Peel Transforming Facial System: Skin completely clean, I move on to the hero skin-evening-out step: the peel. Ole Henriksen’s Power Peel Transforming Facial System, which comes in three steps, is a bit more intense and requires more time commitment, but the payoff is worth it. First comes the scrub, which gently buffs out any residual dirt and dry skin; then comes the tingly lemon peel to help with evening out my skin tone and minimizing my now very visible pores. I leave this part on for two minutes before following with the calming camomile mud mask for 15 minutes. I love the little sponge that comes with it for easy cleanup—typically my biggest deterrent for going with a non-sheet mask.

Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover: While I let my Ole Henriksen mask dry, I remove my polish from the previous week and clean up my cuticles. A cuticle remover is key for softening everything up, and because I hate cutting my cuticles (it makes for a messier grow-out), it’s the greatest way to prep my nails for polish. I do a quick file to finesse my almond shape, apply a keratin nail treatment from Trind, and pick either a nude or red nail polish.

Seche Top Coat: For my polish to last all week, a solid top coat is essential.

Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Essence: Back to my skin. Once I’ve rinsed off the calming mud mask, it’s time to start serum-and-cream layering. The best way to lock in moisture is with an essence. I gently pat this one on my cheeks, across my forehead and down my neck. The smell is delicious, and it does a hell of a job sealing in the moisture from my rinse—without this step, my skin would feel depleted.

IS Clinical Super Serum Advance+: When I’m feeling extra depleted, the only thing that brings my skin back to life overnight is IS Clinical Super Serum Advanced+. It’s a bit sticky in texture, so I give it a few minutes to soak in, but the vitamin C, with consistent use, reduces the effects of aging (gasp!) free radicals and rebuilds collagen.

The Nurse Jamie Uplift: I’m fairly new to the beauty tool game, but this little wand, The Nurse Jamie Uplift, is a favorite. I spend about 10 minutes massaging my jawline, neck, and forehead to stimulate blood circulation, and just like other massages, it de-puffs through lymphatic drainage, in turn filling my fine lines—it also feels so good.

M-61 Hydroboost Eye Cream: Repeat after me: Eye cream is non-negotiable. For me, it’s where the first signs of 30 appeared. Small little creases formed and didn’t plump back up with a good night’s sleep. But a super hydrating eye cream, like M-61 Hydroboost Eye Cream, which is luxe in texture but not too heavy for the delicate skin under my eyes, makes all the difference. I gently tap the product in, and even pack it on long-haul flights for an instant refresh.

CHANEL Sublimage La Crème: My final and most luxurious step is applying this golden cream liberally over my skin. I love the rich, creamy formula and the hint of shimmer makes it feel extra special. But the real magic is in what the key ingredient, CHANEL’s patented Enriched Planifolia PFA*, does for the skin—blurs out imperfections, amps up the radiance factor, and enhances firmness in my skin.