In Memory of Hugh Hefner

Inside the legendary Playboy and publisher’s closet. Los Angeles.

By: Stacie Brockman

“Hugh Hefner was a cultural force of nature for over six decades and has been a fixture on Coveteur since we first started out. He graciously welcomed us into his home, and our profile of him is a highlight in our book and on our site. We’ll miss him and send our condolences to his family.”  —Jake Rosenberg & Stephanie Mark, Co-Founders, Coveteur

Since our inception, our dream Coveteur has been one man: Mr. Hugh Hefner. With pajama dressing being a formidable force in fashion, we like to think there is one man responsible. Our trip to the Playboy Mansion was one of epic proportions, and nothing captures the feeling of being welcomed by the man himself. His closet is stocked up with signatures: a rainbow of silk PJs, custom red smoking jackets, and yes, loads of sailor caps. “I’m the captain of the Playboy Mansion!” Hef boasted. We got the grand tour—yes, including the legendary grotto—and chatted with Hef about his signature style, Casablanca (his fave flick), and holding a Guinness World Record (for scrapbooking). Well, there’s one item off the bucket list...