The Most Effective Way to Update Your Bedroom Is Also the Easiest

This fall, we’re focusing on our interiors just as much as our wardrobes. In collaboration with Calvin Klein.

The Most Effective Way to Update Your Bedroom Is Also the Easiest

Stop us if we’re going overboard with the whole fall refresh thing, but truly, with the exception of January 1, the first day of September is the most inspiring day of the year—summer is unofficially over, and we’re always inspired to start the new “school year” (we can’t be the only ones who still think of the year officially starting September 1, when you’d usually go back to school) on the right foot.

We never neglect our fall wardrobes or fall beauty routines, but one area of our lives that tends to get a little, um, stagnant, is our home decor. Granted, going full HGTV and completely renovating our homes and apartments isn’t an option regularly (or, if you’re renting, ever), but there are a few easy swaps you can make here and there to make your living space look more luxurious and grown-up, and it all starts with your bedroom.

Here are four insanely easy ways to update your bedroom.


1. Swap Out Your Sheets

No, we don’t mean simply changing your sheets, but buy a fresh new pair, and let that be the starting point for your bedroom makeover. Our choice for fall is Calvin Klein’s new collection, which was designed by Raf Simons (yes, he also designs for Calvin Klein’s home line, and yes, the collection is just as dreamy as his clothing). There’s literally no more fabulous way to drift off than swaddled in super soft sheets designed by one of the greatest talents in fashion.

Our top picks from the Series 01 Bedding Collection are the red and black piping in 500 thread count cotton percale—which features a super subtle piping in bright red, delicate black, gray, or white. The simplicity lands them squarely between blank canvas and statement sheets, which means they’re the perfect base for designing the bedroom of your dreams. Having a fresh set of sheets makes the biggest impact of all in terms of how your bedroom looks, and it’s also the easiest swap to make.


2. Bring In Some Throw Pillows

Now that your bedding is sorted, add a few decorative pillows in coordinating colors. We’ve always been maximalists at heart, but if you’re aiming for a zen bedroom, try solid pillows instead of print like these cotton velvet options from the Calvin Klein home line (velvet is one of our biggest trends for fall). The rest of your life is chaotic enough; shouldn’t your bed be a respite from it all?


3. Buy Fresh Greens

Yes, flowers always do nicely, but lately we’re loving a big vase full of healthy, leafy branches. They last longer than flowers, won’t trigger your allergies, and are generally less expensive than those just-flown-in-from-New Zealand peonies you love (meaning you can get them for every room in your house). Better yet, do one big vase of greens, and a smaller one of flowers mixed with greens to really make things feel festive.


4. Hang Some Art

We’re not talking Damien Hirsts over here—frame some pages from your favorite coffee table book, or even visit a flea market for vintage pieces—just look for options that stick to the same color palette as your bed to help everything feel pulled together.


To shop the bedding collection, check it out here.

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