Bella Hadid Also Loves Instagram’s Favorite Top

Bella Hadid Also Loves Instagram’s Favorite Top

And now it’s my favorite top, too.

My bank account hates Instagram but I can’t exactly blame it. That app is responsible for 50 percent of my recent purchases. I’m prone to seeing an outfit I like, saving it to my “Outfit Inspiration” folder, and then searching the Internet in a crazed frenzy until I find out where I can buy it. This is how I found a pair of Isabel Marant boots once spotted on Alexa Chung, the Acne shoes I saw in an editorial, and a red off-the-shoulder rib knit top with exposed bra-cup detail. The last discovery happens to be my favorite because its not made by a household-name brand, but one I hadn’t heard of at the time (although now its all over Instagram): Orseund Iris.


Looking back, I’m not sure what photo inspired my Instagram spiral. Everyone from Bella Hadid to Instagram favorites like Paige Reifler and Reese Blutstein has worn it. I see this particular top or the brand’s newest workwear jumpsuit on the Internet at least once a week. When it doesn’t pop up while I’m scrolling through Instagram, it’ll pop up on multiple slides of Vogue’s fashion week street style roundups.

I tend to shy away from things that everyone has, but I still want everything Orseund Iris makes. Even if everyone is wearing the same top, everyone has a different take. I’ve seen it paired with tight jeans and loose cargo pants, with a newsboy hat and a studded belt. I can already think of five outfits I’d wear this top with which I'll take as a sign that I need it. It's also surprisingly affordable with a price tag under $300. As it's officially fall, I’m going to go ahead and clean my closet, find a couple of items to sell to Buffalo Exchange, and hope it’s enough cash to buy my new favorite top.


Selling a couple pieces from my wardrobe at $260 = Clean closet + One Orseund Iris Off-The-Shoulder Knit

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