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Shay Mitchell Swears by Wet Wipes, $8 Pore Strips and Post-Workout Hair

We talked about her perfect face.

Shay Mitchell Swears by Wet Wipes, $8 Pore Strips and Post-Workout Hair
Alec Kugler

When I found out I was going to interview Shay Mitchell, almost everyone I told talked to me about her face. They used the following words almost exclusively: glowing,beautiful,unreal,perfect. When I met Shay I realized it was true. She has an incredibly perfect facealmost alarmingly so. Before our interview I was about to compliment her red lipstick or her hair when she mentioned how much she liked my eyebrows. Considering hers are also amazing, I will cherish this compliment forever.

In all seriousness, for someone with such flawless skin, Shay’s beauty routine isn’t as insane as one may think. As the face of Bioré skincare, Shay’s favorite product is their pore strips, which can be found at your local drugstore and a box only costs around $8. Bioré most recently released a limited-edition tie-dye version and partnered with Girl Up and the SchoolCycle initiative, which provides bicycles for girls across the world who need transportation to better their everyday lives. Not only do they clear your pores but, in the words of Shay, “theyre all things peace and love, which is great right now—and all the time.” When I sat down with her at Locanda Verde, she talked all about her foray into beauty vlogging, why she wet-wipes down all her hotel remotes, and the least glamorous beauty products in her cabinet.


Why Bioré’s limited-edition tie-dye pore strips are her current skincare go-to:

“It’s so cute, all things peace and love, which is great right now—and all the time. It’s also really awesome because they are linking up with Girl Up to help girls in Malawi get to and from school in a safe way and a lot faster with the School Cycle initiative. Transportation is such an important part of children’s education because it allows them to get there and back faster than walking. Especially with these kids, they do have a lot of chores at home. It’s great what they’re doing.”

They’re also great for sleepovers (at any age):

“I remember back in the day when me and my girlfriends would have a spa sleepover party—the pore strips were something that would make for fun photos and obviously we would love the whole taking them off and being like, ‘Eww! But cool. But gross. But cool!’ [laughs] There is like a built-in satisfaction that comes with that. I loved that. It’s something that I used for a long time and now new products are coming out with this one-minute self-heating mask. It’s something that I always carry with me because it’s literally that easy! With my schedule, just one minute is awesome because you put it on and then you take it off. I really do feel the difference!”


How she pampers herself and also takes it easy:

“After I put on a mask, I like to wrap my hair up with coconut oil. I’ll put it in a shower cap and let it sit there if I have the whole day. That’s glorious! Then it’s just a lot of nourishing my skin and putting all the moisture back into it. So for me that is…coconut oil! I love it! It’s a natural product! I put it all over my hair and my skin. I also really try not to wear makeup when I don’t have to. If you catch me at the grocery store, I’m not wearing makeup. I’m not about it. It’s just not happening!”

Why she feels most confident with sweaty hair:

“I think it’s a little thing. For me, honestly, people always ask, ‘When do you feel your most confident or your best?’ It’s really after a workout. I don’t care if I’m sweaty. My body feels stronger. I feel happier; it’s the endorphins that have been released. It’s all of that. So I really do enjoy working out and I actually like the look of people after they work out. You can actually just rock that [sweaty hair] look throughout the day. I do a lot of the time! I feel like you’re putting in that work to allow your body to get stronger and that’s, like, attractive in itself.”


The least glamorous product in her cabinet:

“Wet Wipes and Vaseline! Okay, so I always travel with Wet Wipes. Every time I travel, it’s the first thing I do on the plane. I’m not a germophobe, but there’s certain things like air vents—you have no idea! Or hotel room remote controls. That’s always something that I’ll wipe down. Wet wipes aren’t glamorous, but they do help out, especially with all the traveling I do, and stop me from getting sick or at least lower the percentage.”

Her biggest beauty struggle and the products that saved her skin:

“When I first moved to L.A. it was the worst, I don’t know if it was climate or what, but my skin was just on another level. I also think that I kind of fell off a wagon with my skincare routine. I wasn’t taking off my makeup as much. I wasn’t washing my face properly. It just was all bad. Now I love all of Bioré’s products. Their charcoal skin cleanser is one that’s really awesome and I think that it’s great for maintenance. I’ll get a facial every once in a while as well. I have a good facialist in L.A. and we trade. I get her products and she gives me a facial!”

She isn’t a beauty vlogger…yet:

“I just shot my first beauty video about a week ago. I am super excited about it because I was doing it in a way where I wasn’t trying to be a professional beauty vlogger. I’m not! But no one starts off being a professional beauty vlogger.”

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