The 21 Best Sparkly Shoes for Fall

We’re fully endorsing the disco trend this season.

By: Marlen Komar

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This fall, it’s all about being a maximalist. Put away your sleek leather booties, and take out a pair that has more shine than a disco ball instead. This season it’s going to be all about the glitter and glitz, and as a result there are so many sparkle shoes for fall. Once the trademark of sticker-loving eight-year-olds, glitter-bombed shoes are now open for all ages.

Unlike the kicks of your grade school self, the ones coming out now are a little more grown-up. Rather than rocking big plated sequins and a Lisa-Frank-like smattering of glitter, today’s shoes look more sophisticated and sleek. They’re dipped in all-silver, their shimmer looking more chrome than art-project. Shoes are studded with rhinestones and gems to give a boost in twinkle, but they feel more runway than playground. And these picks come in a bevy of different colors, ranging in everything from titanium to a purple to blue.

While leather boots will always be a staple when sweater weather comes around, it would be fun to swap them out every now and then for a pair of shoes that twinkle. Ahead are 20 of the best sparkly shoes for fall.


Razzle Dazzle Platforms

If you want to see what Cinderella would have worn to a midnight party in 2017, these glittering platforms might be a good contender.

Pearl Slip-Ons

Coming in an eye-catching sapphire shade, these shoes keep the gem theme going with the addition of rhinestones and pearls.

Metallic Sequins Sneakers

Want a flashy pair of high-tops without looking like you bought them at Limited Too? These sequined ones from Mango are comprised of small, compact sequins, and stitched in a way that make them look like glittering scales rather than bedazzled disks.

Sporty Glitter Flatforms

It’s harder to decide which one makes a louder statement: The three inch, sporty-stripe platform or the mermaid-inspired glitter straps.

Flatform Oxfords

Preppy meets unicorn-chic with these statement making oxfords. Coming in a playful purple hue, they have a serious, academic shape that’s balanced with a quirky texture.

Glitter Ankle Boots

Play out your best disco fantasies with these silver slicked booties. But the best part isn’t its Sputnik-inspired chrome color. It’s the teal block heel with its eye-catching glitter.

’90s Inspired Mules

Channel your inner Clueless crew with these shimmery, light purple mules. It’s up to you if you want to match them with plaid and knee highs, but that fashion move is highly advisable.

Beaded Velvet Boots

If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit but resembling a disco ball isn’t your style, then look for shoes that add just a bit of shimmer instead. These mauve velvet boots are a great choice because they only offer a powdering of sparkle, almost like someone walked through rhinestones and ended up with them dusted on their shoes.

Wide Fit Ankle Boots

Your feet will look like a pair of glittering diamonds with these intensely silver booties. Put them on a Monday and you won’t ever feel those usual beginning-of-week blues.

Sock Booties

From sock sneakers to sock booties, comfort is key this season. Slip these on and you will feel like you’re walking out the door in your house slippers rather than heeled boots. But just because it feels like you’re wearing next to nothing doesn’t mean the shoe can’t be glamorous—just as this glittery pair proves.

Paparazzi Heels

If you fully subscribe to the maximalist trend and think the more the better, then bow down to these shoes. Trimmed with light blue fur, dipped in silver glitter, and boasting 3D floral arrangements, these shoes are hard not to notice.

Gem Packed Heels

Another great maximalist option are these wide strapped, block heels. They have a faint ’90s vibe to them with their chunky bands, but the hodge-podge cluster of gemstones give them a 2017 spin.

Wide Fit Rose Gold Glitter Heels

Are you in the mood to look like you’re headed to a ’90s prom this evening? Strap on these dreamy rose gold glitter heels and you’ll pull off the look perfectly.

Glitter Bow Flats

If you prefer to wear flats more than heels, there are still some sparkling options you can choose from. Take this pair for example: Pointy-toed with an Audrey Hepburn-like bow, it looks like it was dipped in a massive jar of multi-colored sparkles.

Laced-Up Sparkle Flats

If you like to stock up on some out-of-the-box shoe styles to bring an eccentric touch to your wardrobe, then look no further than these flats. Glazed with silver glitter, boasting a velvet buckle, and wrapped up ballerina-style in a gingham ribbon, these shoes have a lot going on but in the best possible way.

Wide-Fit Embellished Ballet Flats

To give yourself a regal, aristocratic feeling, choose ballet flats that have rhinestones weighing down their straps. You’ll feel like you’re slipping on a queen’s pair of shoes.

Wide-Fit Pointed Heels

Whether you’re trying to glam up a pair of jeans or want to add something shiny to a Friday night dress, these bedazzled pointed heels will upgrade any look you throw at them.

Wide-Fit Black Glitter Plimsolls

Choosing a black pair of plimsolls can help you upgrade your activewear or off-duty outfits with a splash of dazzle.

Blue Glitter Boots

If you want to look like you’re wearing the midnight sky at your feet, then these black and blue glitter boots give off a Milky Way-esque vibe.

Rose Gold Metallic Boots

For a more metallic look, try a rose gold bootie for a chrome update for your outfit. It’s a little more unexpected than a silver shoe, so it brings an extra element to the look.

Wide-Fit Black Glitter Boots

If you like sparkle but don’t want it to be too noticeable or over-the-top, a black pair of glitter booties are a happy and understated compromise.

Whether you choose chunky platforms, ’90s inspired heels, or chic ballet flats doesn’t matter. All of your favorite fall shoes got a glitter upgrade this season—now all you have to do is decide which ones are making it into your closet!


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