30 Oversized Denim Jackets That Make The Perfect Addition To Any Fall Look

You’d be surprised how much wear you get out of them.

30 Oversized Denim Jackets That Make The Perfect Addition To Any Fall Look

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Trends are a fact of life, but certain things are evergreen—the smell of Christmas trees, red lipstick, and classic denim. Although, like a Taylor Swift song, America’s favorite fabric never goes out of style, oversized denim jackets in particular are having a real moment for Fall 2017.

Jean jackets are perennial faves because they go with everything, have a timeless feel, and are essentially a three-season item, meaning you can get a ton of use out of them throughout the year (c’mon, don’t tell me you’ve never faced near-arctic air conditioning in July). A good denim jacket should be the Lorelai to your Rory Gilmore: “All you have to do is call...

But the 2017 iteration feels different from the many decades of denim that have come before. We’re seeing boxy ’80s silhouettes decked out with some truly modern details like ruffles, visible stitching, and embellishments. You can elevate a simple outfit to Instagram style star status with these pieces, or find your perfect wear-it-forever match. The possibilities are endless.

Today’s jean jackets aren’t an afterthought, they are the main event. The 30 options below could potentially revolutionize your outerwear game for fall, and make saying goodbye to summer less bittersweet.

The One With The Lace Collar
“Denim, but make it fashion.” This lace trimmed jacket does just that.

So maybe you’re not about to buy all 30 of these jackets, but honestly, no one could blame you if you did. After all, when it comes to denim, can you ever really have too much of it in your wardrobe?


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