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Meet Simon Huck, The High-Profile Celebrity Marketing Exec and The Kardashian’s Best Friend

This is what a typical day looks like when you’re part of the inner circle and Command Entertainment Group’s Principal owner.

Meet Simon Huck, The High-Profile Celebrity Marketing Exec and The Kardashian’s Best Friend
Weston Wells

You’ve seen Simon Huck riding camel-back with Kourtney Kardashian between Egyptian pyramids, lounging on yachts with Kendall Jenner in the French Riviera, and elbow-to-elbow with Kim Kardashian at pretty much any notable event she’s attended. You’ve also seen him as a regular fixture on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and, if we’re going back, on E!’s PR-reality show, Spin Crowd, alongside friend and former business partner Jonathan Cheban.

Sure, while his OOO is hardly one us mere mortals can relate to, his 9-to-5 is real business. You see, Huck landed in New York City right after graduating from Queen’s University in Canada to intern under Lizzie Grubman, before quickly moving up the ranks in Grubman and Cheban’s merged PR agency, Grubman/Cheban. By 2010, he was partner at Command PR (alongside Cheban) and acquired the entire business in 2012. Most recently, he rebranded it into a full-fledged entertainment agency, Command Entertainment Group, which, he explains, “helps brands connect with celebrities and influencers, from strategy to activation to execution. We’re seeing a lot of brands focus more of their energy and allocate more resources towards these up-and-coming digital stars who are really able to convert their fans into brand fans, which is something that is changing the way that we are doing business.” See what we mean?

We wanted to know exactly what a day in the life of a high-profile publicist in the inner circle of the Kardashians really looks like, and Huck kindly shared. Spoiler alert: Theres a full lunch at 9 am involved.


5:00 AM: “I am a scary-early riser. I am up at 5 AM even on weekends. I’m a bad sleeper, just like my dad. When I was in high school, I used to be able to push it to 7 AM, but I’ve been waking up at 5 for the past ten years and I have grown to love it. You know, if you ask any of my friends, they all tease me. But between 5 AM and 8 AM it’s my most productive time. I am able to go through emails, I am able to respond to things because no one else in New York City is awake.”

5:15 AM: “First thing I do when I wake up is I go to Starbucks. I’ve been having the same drink for 10 years: a quad soy latte. I know, aggressive. [Laughs] Then I pick up the newspaper, I head back, and I work from home typically until 10:30-11 AM. Normally, I would read through between three and four newspapers to see what’s going on in the world. In the past 24 hours have there been any entertainment news that would pertain to our clients? An up-and-coming star? A new endorsement that was announced? Any sort of news that would pertain to the programs that we’re working on, I would flag and then I would share in our staff meeting a little bit later in the day.”


7:30 AM: “I have a standing phone call with one of my best friends, Marjorie Gubelmann. Marjorie and I have been friends forever and we love our daily debriefs. We’re also old-school—we love landline to landline. I need an uninterrupted connection. I need to hear what the person is saying. Marjorie and I do this every day Monday through Friday. We speak for about 30 minutes. She’s so funny—you wouldn’t think of Marjorie as a pop culture junkie. First thing she’ll say to me in the morning is ‘Can you believe Kim’s Contour Kit sold out in 14 minutes?’ You wouldn’t think that Marjorie knows what’s going on. It’s hysterical.”

9:00 AM: “I have a chef that’s been cooking for me for seven years. I used to be really skinny—if you look at some of my Spin Crowd photos you can see that I was very skinny. I know it’s kind of eye-rolling to say but I felt that I was at a point where I needed that intervention. It was really Janine, my chef, who got me eating properly and well-balanced meals. By 9 o’clock I have had a full meal. I mean we’re talking chicken breasts, rice, vegetables, like a full situation is happening.”


10:00 AM: “I’m in the office by 10 AM. With the team we discuss any high-level celebrity entertainment news and then what’s on the action list for our clients. Talent ideation is such a huge part of our business. It helps to start the morning off by just talking about what everyone [has] downloaded in the last 12 hours and if there’s any entertainment news it would be helpful to share.”

12:00 PM: “From 10 AM to midday I’m typically in the office. I think that there is a big illusion that because I work in entertainment that I’m whizzing around town in my chariot meeting celebrities for power lunches. But the reality is I’m with my clients on calls and in meetings for most of the day, which is truly where I want to be.”

3:00 PM: “I’ve had my same trainer for five years at Equinox. His name is Michael Baker and most of the time we do weight training. We’ll focus on a different muscle group each day—Monday we do chest, Tuesday we do legs, Wednesday we go on holiday, Thursday we’ll do the back. He’s also been really helpful in helping me gain weight. Michael is the one that recommended my chef to me. The one thing that I do is I leave my phone at my office for my training session. I do not go anywhere near technology during a workout.”


4:30 PM: “If I have a meeting, we’ll either take it in the office or at Soho House. Our office is also really close to St. Ambroeus.”

6:30 PM: “I cruise home by 6:30/7 and if I do have an event or dinner, great! If not, I’m having friends over, we’re debriefing [on the phone]. I’m kind of a sushi person, so I would order Postmates. If I am having people over and am worried about what am I going to cook, it would be a Postmates situation to any one of the sushi restaurants in my neighborhood.”

8:00 PM: “I turn my phone completely off by 8 o’clock. That’s part of my sleep hygiene, which I know is such an eye roll to even hear the word ‘sleep hygiene,’ but I try to spend the last hour reading or doing something that is completely unrelated to work. Even watching TV would somehow get my mind moving back on to work. I try to do something that has nothing related to entertainment. Whether I’m reading a book or reading the newspaper. Then, I literally crawl into bed by 9:30/10 PM.”

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