The Unexpected Benefits of Wearing Lipstick

The Unexpected Benefits of Wearing Lipstick

At least according to one editor.

Full disclosure: I’ve never been a big makeup person. Sure, I love my concealer (this girl’s got circles) and will occasionally add mascara before a big event. But for the most part, I prefer to go au naturel; bare minimum is my personal beauty MO (mostly because I’m lazy).

But the one product I consider a must-have and keep in my bag at all times? Lipstick, and it doesn’t matter the brand or color, either. Vibrant red, fiery orange, a purple-y pink—I’m into it all, and can regularly be seen switching it up depending on my mood.

I’m not sure when my love for lipstick (or lip gloss or lip tint, for that matter) began, but I imagine it was in a bathroom, with my mom letting me use the sparkly brown (!!!) something she wore throughout the ’90s. There are tons of pictures of me as an 8-year-old, grinning goofily with a dark smile—and those pictures make me happy, remembering how happy I was. Then, there was the early ’00s metallic phase. And the everything-must-taste-like-berries phase for high school. Every major event in my life has been marked with something standout on my lips, and at this point, it’s become somewhat of a signature look.


(I celebrated getting this job with a boomerang—and a red lip!)

The thing I love most about lipstick is that, for me, it’s a confidence booster. I’ll put it on when I’m feeling sad or self-conscious and in a matter of minutes, I’m ready to take on the world. When I’m having a shy moment, my lips are often ice breakers, with someone telling me, “Oh, I love that color!” (Not that I need the compliment...but I’ll take it!) Don’t even get me started on how giddy I get from every new purchase or trial. Thankfully, I’m in an industry where they even happen at work!
There may come a day when I start saying no to a bold lip, simply forget to apply, or truly embrace the no-makeup look. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Right now, a vibrant pout makes me feel happier. And cuter. And, to be honest, a bit more me
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