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Nina Dobrev Uses Her Dog as a Weight While Working Out

Cutest weight we've ever seen.

Nina Dobrev Uses Her Dog as a Weight While Working Out

As someone whose gym membership has remained relatively unused since its purchase, signing up for a full day of workouts with Reebok x Les Mills wasn’t exactly my brightest idea. A session of BODYFLOW had me sweating profusely, while GRIT—which took place on a barge in the Hudson River— left me sore for days. But in the end, it was still completely worth it...especially since I got to hang out with the partnership’s campaign face, Nina Dobrev, and her rescue dog, Maverick.

After seeing Maverick run around all day—sometimes with a GoPro strapped to his collar—I knew just what to ask Nina when I had the chance: Does she ever work out with her pup?


“100 percent,” she told me, cradling her fur baby in her arms like a human baby. “I have a little bit of an unhealthy obsession with her. We’re inseparable. So, whenever I go to the gym, I bring her with me.”

Nina also revealed that Reebok’s Los Angeles hub has things like doggy beds and toys for pets to play with, but that Maverick usually likes to explore. “For the most part, she just does her own thing and interrupts many of the workouts. Kind of like she did today, during [BODYFLOW]. If you noticed, she was licking everybody while they were in the ground positions!”


Sometimes, Nina lets her dog get even more involved. “I’ll veto the weights and use her instead,” the actress said. “She’s about 15 lbs, so I can lift her while I do lunges. And she doesn’t mind it.”

Hearing this revelation really made me wonder: Is a tiny dog what I need to kick-start a new, fit lifestyle? Probably not…but it’s another argument for why I need a furry friend, and I’m sticking with it!

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