How to Upgrade Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

Step one: Emulate Thaddeus O’Neil’s style.

By: Tara Gonzalez

It’s New York Fashion Week—men’s just ended yesterday, which means menswear has been on our minds all week. But we also haven’t been able to get it out of our minds since seeing Thaddeus O’Neil’s closet. His apartment looked like the summer home we’ve always wanted, and we’d all like our boyfriends to take notes on his wardrobe. But since the men in our lives have the tendency to be lazy, we’ve outlined three tips for them here.


Converse are a good start to every outfit...

Converse have been around for 109 (!!) years for a reason. They look good with everything—something our fathers, boyfriends and guy friends knew long before the fashion crowd caught on. The white and black ones are closet staples for us and our guys—but after seeing Thaddeus in a red pair, we’ve decided all the colors are pretty good.



...and dressing like a ’70s surfer is a good follow-up.

Spending the day with Thaddeus wasn’t great just because we got to spend it sifting through all his incredible menswear (we’ll give you one guess as to why). All joking (and googly eyes) aside, he designs incredible clothing, and men everywhere should wear it.


But it’s always okay to borrow from the girls.

There’s that phrase, Behind every great man, theres a great woman, but when it comes to style, Thaddeus doesn’t need any help, even if his wife is incredibly chic herself. But there’s no shame in taking style cues from the girls. We do the opposite all the time (boyfriend jeans, anyone?). There are some things that look good on all of us, and Thaddeus had plenty of them in his closet, like Levi’s jackets, Ray-Ban glasses and fuzzy Brother Vellies shoes. Plus, if we convince our boyfriends to stock up on these unisex wardrobe essentials, that does means we get to borrow them too...