How To Stand Out At Fashion's Biggest Parties

How To Stand Out At Fashion's Biggest Parties

DJ Amrit taught us a lesson in how to turn tables and heads.

When you’re a DJ, you have a lot of people to please. You’re surrounded by talent, but you also ARE the talent. How do you dress as a celebrity while surrounded by celebrities? We imagine this is the dilemma for everyone on the red carpet, but DJ Amrit has found the perfect method for looking her best while performing for them every other night. Unsurprisingly, she has a lot of confidence and the wardrobe to match. We’re taking some style cues from her, you know, just in case we happen to find ourselves hanging out with the very beautiful and very famous (it’s 2017; anything can happen, right?).


Consider chains–on everything you own

Recently we’ve seen chains worn everywhere except around the neck. Instead, everyone is wearing them as shirts (see: Bella Hadid’s birthday outfit) or as hip huggers (is there anyone who doesn’t want to own every pair of Miaou jeans?). So, yes, we are contemplating chains—in every form that isn’t a necklace.

Flames and flowers are not as unlikely a pair as you may think

Florals are a staple in every closet we see, but flames, not so much. DJ Amrit keeps it interesting, though, mixing familiar flowers with unlikely fire. And we’ll admit we desperately want but have not found the ’90s vintage Harley-Davidson flame boots she has. Until we can find them, all these florals and flames will just have to make do.


Feminine dresses can still be fun

With chains and flames, DJ Amrit’s closet has a masculine edge that she balances out with sheer feminine dresses—worn with sneakers, of course. Suddenly, all of ours, which have been hiding in the back of our closets, feel very cool again.

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