We’re Seeing These Summer Trends Everywhere Lately

We’re Seeing These Summer Trends Everywhere Lately

In other words, these are the easiest ways to update your wardrobe this season.

Festival season always offers a little preview into potential trends for the summer. No, those metallic temporary tattoos of yesteryear didn’t quite make it off the festival circuit and into, say, what to wear to the numerous weddings you’re all attending all summer, but some items actually make it into the everyday (or minimally the weekend) wardrobe. It seems like Coachella is like the ultimate fashion testing period to take everything we’d like to accomplish sartorially during summer and see if we can really work it into the rotation. Conveniently, festival-wear covers the gambit of essentials for the summer: sunglasses, swimwear, cozy looks, and day and nighttime needs. So, once the hangover has worn off, you’ve gotten through your spring detox, and you’ve struck some balance between pool time, work, and your hectic social schedule, these are some of summer’s breakout trends to cover all the bases.



You could, quite literally, pick any item, get it in gingham and slay this trend right now. Off-shoulder tops, bathing suits, rompers, and dresses all are a good look in gingham right now. Although we still love monochromatic outfits, this is an all-over print look you gotta get behind this summer, especially in a two pieces—bathing suit or matching tops and bottoms.



Remember when Vogue called the hoodies the new it-girl item? Well, now they’ve all been chopped. The Hadids and Jenner sisters both regularly opt for cropped sweatshirts or hoodies. Instead of cutting your own, here’s a few you can pick up.



A perfect way to go high and low with your favorite distressed denim is to wear your lingerie with it, seriously. Best part: Depending on the occasion, we’ve seen women wear them as is, too, meaning without anything beneath them, meaning #freethenipple.



They’ve been popular for a bit, but the high-cut variety is really the wave this summer. And with bathing suits, you can apply other trends. Where we saw the gingham two-piece above, ribbed one-pieces (think ’90s, like the cut itself) are fun or good old Millennial Pink.



As mentioned (you just have to accept it), you cannot escape Millennial Pink. It’s officially infiltrated and taken over sunglasses, particularly the lenses, in every shape and size. From cat eyes and wire-rimmed to mirrored or acetate frames, pink shades are everywhere, and who doesn’t want to look through rose-colored glasses occasionally?

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