shay mitchell

Shay Mitchell’s Real-Life Wardrobe Is Way Different from Her PLL Character

Sure, there’s some sporty pieces, but we couldn’t get over her jewelry collection. Los Angeles.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Stephanie Mark

We like to say that every closet we give the Coveteur treatment is different in some way. You know, not everyone has a Jeff Koons installation on their roof. Or pieces handed down to them from Stevie Nicks and Winona Ryder. But in the case of someone like Shay Mitchell, occasionally our spidey senses will give us the heads-up that this one is about to be a good one. And as we climbed the stairs to Mitchell’s West Hollywood wardrobe, you can bet they did precisely that.

For those of you who have been with us for a while, we’ll put it this way: Mitchell’s was an OG Coveteur closet of the highest order. Allow us to spell it out for you: That means a wall-to-wall shoe closet, hat display not unlike one that you’d find in a boutique, an organizational island with fresh flowers, acrylic trays displaying immaculately organized jewelry, and floor-to-ceiling shelving displaying greatest hits from Saint Laurent, Céline, CHANEL and Givenchy. But—plot twist—Mitchell upped the ante with an equally impressive fitness closet housing a few dozen pairs of sneakers. Fitting for the girl who just launched her very own athleisure line, Fit to Wander, no?

Turns out Mitchell, a boxing fanatic, is also the kind of girl who pairs customized gold gloves (bearing a nickname handed down by Cov-alum Ashley Benson) and ruby-red boxing shoes with a matching YSL wallet-on-a-chain situation. While we can’t vouch for her actual attire in the ring, let’s just say we approved. We also got to talking everything from Mitchell’s go-to grub choices upon touching down in her (and our) home and native land (girl got real specific, beyond the cliché ketchup chips)—Timbits, Bitondo’s pizza, and boneless chicken roti from Island Foods—to always stashing dandelion seeds and hunting down some vintage handbags. A girl after our own heart—pretty sure that beats flowers any time.