We Snooped Around in Ashley Benson’s Closet

The Pretty Little Liars actress has the holy-grail CHANEL basket bag and stocks up on Balenciaga boots. Los Angeles.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Stephanie Mark
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen
Videographer: Renée Rodenkirchen

Believe it or not, the following is something we can say without a single ounce of self-consciousness: Pretty Little Liars viewing dates and even all-out marathons are de rigeur around these parts. Largely because we’re willing to bet that the been-out-of-high-school-for-a-minute set rivals even the most rabid teenage fans—we mean, that sh*t is scary. As in, hesitant-to-watch-close-to-bedtime-with-the-lights-out-but-doing-it-anyway-because-YOLO scary. And so, when we had the chance to play dress-up in the closet of Jamie Schneider in L.A. recently (that one’s #comingsoontoaCoveteurnearyou), and she actually called up client and friend Ashley Benson mid-shoot, we had to control the flames of our inner fangirls just a little bit. We mean, we hate to play favorites with the Liars (what? we told you we were committed), but ever since Benson’s role in Spring Breakers, we’ve been more than a little curious about the girl behind the balaclava.

And so, when we actually had the chance to hang out with Benson in her West Hollywood home, we had the sneaky feeling we were in for a majorly memorable afternoon. Talking everything from Halloween plans (it was the morning after, so needless to say, the coffee in our hands was, well, large) to our mutual love of Body by Simone, our raid was rewarded in the form of twin Balenciaga boots, a basket-weave CHANEL bag and a healthy helping of Valentino. Benson kind of has the whole West Coast Rodeo-Drive-meets-Hypebeast thing nailed: She loves a good Saint Laurent, but is just as happy in a Unif bomber jacket and Supra sneaks. Our kind of girl, you know?

Benson was also more than down for some serious quality dress-up time, too, throwing on everything from a pair of lemon-yellow Maison Michel ears to a ruby red blazer (with matching lipstick, because duh) and a mustard-yellow cowlneck sweater that wouldn’t look out of place on Daria Werbowy in a Céline campaign. Oh, and we got to play with her puppies, too. We don’t know about you, but our dream day looks something like, well, this.


P.S. Watch Ashley’s Guide to Life here (aka her <3 of Pilates & miracle hangover cure).